I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

searching for something


I’m just over halfway through my November blogging challenge of writing a post every day.  So far, so good.  I’m working on a couple of posts that will have to appear later, once I have sorted out all the photos I want to use, because they are taking me longer than I thought to put together.

In the meantime here’s a round up of the last month’s search terms that have brought people to my blog.  Yet again, Mary Berry and her lemon drizzle cake is by far the most popular search – it’s beginning to bet a bit boring now – no searching for hot fantastic love, or spanking trains as I had last month.  I’m thinking of tagging this post with a few risque words to see what happens!

Anyway, here’s the best of the month:

how to make marzipan spiders – oh dear.  No, no, no.  Two dreadful things mentioned there – marzipan, and spiders.  I am shuddering just to think of it!

how to explain to a child not to use a skipping rope to play horsey – What a strange thing to search for.  I would have thought that this didn’t require anything more specialised than the use of the word “No”, possibly followed by a brief explanation of what might happen if you did use the rope in that way.

intelligence and indecisiveness – Well, of course, my blog is indeed the perfect place to find out about both of these things!  🙂

when to use an apostrophe in lots or a lot – I am slightly confused by this.  Would you ever need to use an apostrophe to write the two words ‘a lot’?  Let me know if you think I have missed something there.

indecisive camouflage – What fun that would be – camouflage that couldn’t decide whether it should, or shouldn’t blend into the background!

how to tell my sister I’m indecisive – Speaking from experience, I would say start a blog and let her read it!  😉


7 thoughts on “searching for something

  1. Indecisive camoflage! Love it 🙂

    Coincidentally, I did a search terms post today as well.

  2. Congrats on making your post a day challenge, Elaine. Love those crazy search terms; I really want some of that indecisive camouflage! And so strange about that apostrophe, which would never be used with either “lots” or “a lot!!” 🙂 I have never understood people’s compulsion to stick in an apostrophe every time a word has an “s”!

  3. It’s good that you’re blogging every day, it’s a huge responsibility. My purpose on my blog is to post a blog daily till the day i graduate, it includes learning new things through my journey and meet new writers and bloggers. I wish you the best of luck, keep up the blogging. 🙂

  4. I think the only time you’d use ‘lot’s’ would be as the possessive, ‘Lot’s wife’, etc.

  5. I’ve decided recently that some people are just plain weird…and your list of search terms just proves my point!

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