I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

six word saturday – exterminate!



Yes it was fifty years ago, on 23rd November 1963, that the very first episode of Dr Who was shown on BBC.  Tonight they are showing a special episode to mark the fifty year anniversary – I’m looking forward to it!  I’m pretty sure I didn’t see the first episode when it aired because we didn’t have a television, but I do remember seeing lots of the original adventures, probably at my relatives’ houses.  My favourite Doctor was the fourth, Tom Baker, until recently when David Tennant, as the tenth Doctor, took over and vied for my affections.

The anniversary is such a momentous event that Google has even marked it with a special Doodle, which they are calling a Whodle, and which could easily waste an hour of your day if you click on it. Google Maps already has a Tardis in street view, which is fun

Here’s a picture of all the Doctors – do you have a favourite?

photo credit: sundaymercury

photo credit: sundaymercury

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17 thoughts on “six word saturday – exterminate!

  1. I’m impossibly excited about tonight’s episode which is unlike me as I am usually very sensible…!! Tom (never Colin in a million years) Baker and David Tennant were my favourites too. Once because I grew up with him and the other because I fancy him rotten. I’ll leave you to decide which is which!

  2. John Pertwee was my favourite, and the Darleks

  3. Tom Baker and that legendary scarf rocked my childhood. Oh, yeeeeah! Happy birthday, Dr Who and the Daleks…

  4. Got to be David Tennant. I was rather bored with the whole thing till he came along, Elaine.
    Talk about single-minded- I never even noticed the significance of the Google home page yesterday as I whizzed past (on my non-time travels). I will treat myself to a few minutes play, courtesy of you. Many thanks 🙂

    • I had cooled off Doctor Who a little after Peter Davison and when Christopher Ecclestone started I thought it couldn’t possibly be any good, but it was. There were some excellent stories. However, when David Tennant came along I don’t think I missed a single episode. 🙂

  5. We only got Tv in 1976.
    The government thought it might be bad for us!!!
    I have never seen this show.

    • That’s interesting to know that you didn’t have TV until 1976. I wonder what changed the government’s mind?
      Because all the hype for last night’s 50th anniversary programme said it was being shown ‘worldwide’ I just assumed everyone would have seen it, or heard of it.

  6. I am like Granny- however we did have a TV but I just was too busy raising kids! Cheers!

  7. Just stressed myself silly playing the Whodle!!! But did it in the end.
    For my favourites, I’m right there with you. Tom Baker, K9 and David Tennant.

  8. I am not smitten by Dr. Who, but my son was upset he didn’t get to see the 50th year episode. We were with my parents, celebrating an early Thanksgiving.

  9. My favourite Doctor is definitely Tom Baker. He always seemed to be a little disorganised and dishevelled. We recorded the show because it started at 5.30 am Sunday morning here – haven’t watched it yet.

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