I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

a tale of two advent calendars


I am feeling very pleased with myself this morning because I managed to post something every day in November.  Hooray!  So now here we are in December and it’s time to embrace Christmas and accept that it is nearly here (no more complaints of festive things being in the shops before summer was over, or Christmas music being played at the start of November).

To start things off I have changed to a festive theme for my blog.  I was pleased to see that this theme was still available as I really liked it last year.

The next thing to do is to hang up the Advent calendar.  Actually I have two Advent calendars this year.  Here’s the one I have used every Christmas since we got married (28 years now – I presume my medal must have got lost in the post because I haven’t received it yet) with a little gift on it for each day.

tapestry advent calendar

Of course, it’s not me who gets to open any of the gifts, because I put them there, but this year (and last year too) I have a little advent calendar of my own.

The second advent calendar is a very pretty Christmas card which my friend sent me.  The windows on the buildings are numbered and open up – one for each day until Christmas Eve.

advent Christmas card

The detail in the painting is lovely.

Christmas advent card

Now I need to go and look out the tea towels, crockery and other bits and bobs of Christmassy loveliness, not forgetting my Christmas CDs.  When I have done that I will have to set my mind to the serious task of present shopping – it’s not just the buying of the presents I have to do, it’s the thinking of what to buy (my brain is hurting already, just thinking about it)!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far.  🙂


22 thoughts on “a tale of two advent calendars

  1. The same calendar for 28 years? That’s amazing!
    To me, it’s still too early for anything Christmas related although I guess it is December now so I can’t grumble too much… 😉 I won’t even be thinking about Xmas shopping for another couple of weeks!

  2. Well done on your daily posting. It’s quite a challenge.

    Enjoy December!

  3. I am most impressed! My riend gave me a great advent calendar this year – the Playmobil calendar, complete with the cardboard castle scenery. I ‘m so excited! 🙂 I have to find my festive spirit now. I think it’s in my underwear drawer behind my socks.

  4. Well done you, I manage to post once a day… I manage once every 2 weeks.
    I ordered my advent calenders from Liverpool and the chocolates were missing and every window was boarded up.

    Merry Christmas
    PN and Mrs Sensible

  5. Cute theme 🙂

    I don’t have an advent calendar this year. Jan usually fills one for me, but because he’s away til 8th December I have to do without.

    I have a drawer full of Christmas gifts and that’s only about half of it done! Some more have been ordered and others I still don’t have a clue on!

  6. That painted advent card is so pretty, Elaine. Yup- got to get the brain in gear and the fingers writing the Christmas cards (perhaps I’d better buy some!) 🙂

  7. Your second calendar is gorgeous. I love the soft colours. It’s hard to start thinking about Christmas when we still have two weeks of school to go, but then it’s six glorious weeks off. I did do the fruit for my fruit cake last night though. It is quietly soaking in copious amounts of sherry now.

  8. Love the festive theme! I too have an Advent calendar that comes out year after year. It has tiny pockets that I have to try to find tiny gifts to fit inside (2 for each day!) Can you say what sort of gifts you’ve wrapped up for your calendar – I need some suggestions!!

    • Over the years I have wrapped things like chocolate santas, sugar mice, sweets, small ornaments, Christmas decorations, pen/pencil, socks (that takes care of two days 😉 ), mini books, hair clips, a shiny silver coin, fancy sticky tape. If I had to fill tiny pockets that would be really difficult – what about pieces of Lego?

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