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weekly photo challenge: grand


The WordPress Weekly Photo challenge this week is grand.

Here are some views of the Grand Canal, Venice.  The Grand Canal is one of the main traffic routes in Venice and is crossed by 4 bridges. The traffic on the canal is constant – you can take a water bus (vaparetto), private taxi or gondola (usually just tourists use this mode of transport).  Everything that needs to be delivered to the hotels, houses and businesses arrives by water and is unloaded onto very narrow, wooden jetties which looks very risky but somehow it all works very well.  I enjoyed just sitting, sipping a cooling drink, watching all the comings and goings on the water.

The first is a view across the Grand Canal to the buildings of the Fondamenta della Salute with the San Giorgio Maggiore church in the distance.

grand canal view from hotel terrace

The Grand Canal, with gondolas

the grand canal, Venice

The Grand Canal

the Rialto bridge on the Grand Canal, Venice

The Rialto Bridge



9 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: grand

  1. When did you go to Venice? You lucky girl… I’d love to go to Venice. We looked at the prices for our 20th wedding anniversary last month, then the property tax and council tax bill plopped through the door and brought us back to our senses 🙂

    • It was in August a few years ago, to celebrate a ‘significant’ birthday. I chose between Florence, Rome and Venice (I’ve still to visit the other two) and I think we might have had a special saver deal of some kind because our hotel was right on the Grand Canal – the first photo is taken from our hotel’s terrace/pontoon. It is an amazing place, and I would love to go back again.

  2. Beautiful pics. Venice is still on our list of places to visit in Italy but I’m with MM – I’ve looked at hotels a couple of times and have been horrified at the prices!

  3. Oh how I would love to go to Venice. Hopefully someday! 🙂

  4. Your first photo is gorgeous. I’m hoping to go there one day too, and ride in a gondola.

  5. Venice…still a dream! Would love to visit one day and ride in those gondolas… lovely pictures you’ve got here!
    I am new to this photo challenge thing, and quite enjoying it 🙂

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