I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

meeting a superstar


I’ve met one or two celebrities over the years, but none quite as stellar as the one I met at the beginning of September last year – the world famous singing superstar, and semi-aquatic rodent,  Justin Beaver,  who is based in Australia.  How did I manage this you ask?  Justin was in the UK  as part of his 2013 European tour and had requested a meeting with me. Yes, me! Justin has a blog which I have been following for quite a while, and he had written about visiting Cadbury Factory and Visitor Centre in Hobart, Tasmania.  After reading the post, and licking my lips at the sight of all the delicious chocolate, I commented that Caramello Koalas were not available here in the UK.  No problem, Justin assured me, I will bring some for you when I am on my next visit to England. Accompanied by his minders, Mr and Mrs Eternal Traveller, Justin and I met at the British Library* in London.  He had brought not only the promised Caramello Koalas, but also some Freddo Frogs – what indulgence. Justin Beaver and the Caramello Koalas Justin, Mrs Eternal Traveller (Mr ET went and browsed in the library) and I had a lovely long chat over drinks and cake, and before we knew where we were, the world had been put to rights and it was time for Justin and his minders to go off on their London explorations. When I got home I eagerly tried the chocolates (being kind enough to share one or two with my family) and found them to be very tasty, if slightly different from our UK Cadbury chocolate.  The Caramello Koalas were my favourites, and I managed to make the packet last quite a long time! Cadbury's Caramello Koala Cadbury's Freddo Frog * That was my very first visit to The British Library and, after Justin had left, I had a bit of a look around – although I only managed to see a little.  I can’t believe it took a visitor from Australia to introduce me to something that is almost on my doorstep!


6 thoughts on “meeting a superstar

  1. Wow, Justin Beaver??!! Very jealous 😉

  2. Elaine it was a pleasure to meet you too. Did you notice that I added you to my list of “Famous People Who’ve Met Me”? I’m glad you loved the chocolates. Justin

  3. Elaine, I’ve read before that the reason our chocolate tastes different to yours is that ours is sweetened with cane sugar and yours is sweetened with beet sugar…(I think!)

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