I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

six word saturday – greased lightning



It was a week of work, grocery shopping, laundry and other usual things.  It ended on an amusing note, though,  with the trip last night to Sing-a-Long-a Grease, which was a noisy, but interesting, experience – clearly copious alcohol consumption pre-show and during-show was the norm judging by the antics of some of the audience!

Altogether now.   “Go greased lightning, you’re burning up the quarter mile…”

Happy Saturday!

This post is for Six Word Saturday.  Click over to  Show My Face for more sets of six words.


29 thoughts on “six word saturday – greased lightning

  1. This song just makes you want to sing-along

  2. so luv that movie; have a nice Saturday

    much love…

  3. Lol John Travolta, how you have changed. This is hysterical.

  4. Unlike G Cox, I so HATE that movie. Still, thanks for sharing. I suppose I might like it more following copious alcohol….

  5. That actually sounds like a lot of fun…the Grease sing-along…not the work part. 😉

  6. My daughter would love it. She knows all of the words and sings it even when she shouldn’t.

  7. Oh, I love that movie! What a fun way to spend an evening! I’m sure I know most of the words by heart even now . . .

  8. That reminded me of the uni film evening, when we all dressed up in 1950’s gear and watched the film on wide screen, dancing all the way through it. My all time favourite song has to be “Sandra Dee”, it’s a gem!

  9. You’ve got me singing, girl! 🙂

  10. That sounds like fun. Did you dress up? You would make a great Sandy.

  11. Oh yes! Enjoy your weekend too!

  12. What a fun night I’m sure that was, in every way! Thanks for reminding me of John Travolta in his wild and younger days. 🙂

  13. Sounds so fun! Bring it to Minnesota.

  14. Thanks for the morning sing-along. 🙂

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