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six word saturday – watch it



As well as watching the wild and windy weather, I’ve been trying to watch a bit of the winter Olympics (which was very exciting yesterday when Team GB won a gold medal!) but haven’t got quite as involved as I did in the summer Olympics for some reason.

The dreadful weather we are having at the moment, must be very worrying for the poor people whose homes and businesses have been badly affected by the floods, rain and strong winds.  We have got off very lightly by comparison.

raining on Snoopy

Happy Saturday!

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38 thoughts on “six word saturday – watch it

  1. We too have been luckier than most this winter – the sun is shining outside, but the trees are still dancing about. This morning when we went up to the market, we discovered that a chimney had fallen off the mairie (Town Hall) and gong through the rough of the Post Office next door. So the Post Office has de-camped to the Maison Cantonale (district HQ) where all is chaos.

    • Crikey, there must have been some strong gusts of wind to remove the chimney from the mairie. Poor post office – I hope they are insured! I always worry about things getting ‘loosened’ during gales but then falling down at a later date when it is just ‘windy’ rather than ‘stormy’.

  2. My parents are being blown to bits in Cornwall – whilst I look out of the window at grey skies without a drop of water in sight. I hope it clears up soon. As for the Olympics, I’m not watching – the whole party is hosted by one of the most sinister people out.

  3. I remember that cartoon! So funny.

    It’s awful to see what’s happening down south. Here oop north, we may be poor but at least we are dry.

  4. Another adorable Snoopy to lift the spirits, Elaine 🙂
    Damp and dreary here again, but SO lucky. My 80 year old aunt lives in Dawlish where the railway has collapsed! She was cheerful when I spoke to her last week, and more worried about her Alzheimers, bless her.

  5. This has definitely been a rough winter! A bit more snow on the way for us today, but at least right now the sun is shining.
    I’ve been watching the Olympics as well–I love the luge, bobsledding, speed skating, figure skating. . . I watch it all!

  6. I just adore Snoopy……and you can add way too much white-stuff for everyone!

  7. Been thinking of you and the rain. I can’t complain about our snow by comparison…that amount of rain and wind is much worse. Stay safe and take care.

  8. Mother Nature certainly has a mean streak this winter. let’s hope she gives us a great spring.

  9. Ohh Snoopy.. Gotta Love ’em. Sorry to hear your weather is bad! We just finally got some nicer stuff again – it was almost 60 degrees out yesterday! Can’t see how that will last long, but it sure was a nice reprieve.
    Happy 6WS!

  10. 🙂 Am loving your Snoopy cartoon, Elaine. I hope you can stay dry. Where we lived before moving north of Houston now we once flooded with 32 inches of water in the house. No fun and it took six months before we could move back in. It has flooded once since we moved.

    Thanks for the Mrs. Jim wishes, she likes those! Bunion surgery is not fun, especially the painful after-therapy. I do that, bending her (two operated on) toes.

  11. It’s definitely hunker down, grin & bear it season wherever you look, eh?

  12. Poor Snoopy. I’ve been thinking of you and hoping that you were able to stay dry. We have seen a lot of footage on the news of the floods and storms, but that clip that MM put here is a new one. How dramatic.

    Here we are in the last weeks of Summer and it’s going out with a bang. Yesterday it was 37 degrees C and today is forecast to be 34. There is not a drop of rain or any breeze, it’s 7 am and already 24 degrees.

    • We’ve really not been that badly hit at all where we are. There was a little flooding in part of the town which is quite far from us and, although we live near a river, it seems to be coping quite well at the moment. Every day on the news there is more dramatic footage of the floods and I just wonder when it’s all going to end. Perhaps we could arrange to send you a little cooler, wet weather in exchange for some of that hot sunshine!

  13. we’ve had a huge drought here- the last time it was this dry was 500 years ago. Really! But all the weird weather all over this planet is odd. Take care!

  14. I can actually say I would rather have the snow. I like your Peanuts comic.

  15. That cartoon is cute! We have been very lucky this winter in the (US)Pacific Northwest, not too wet or cold. One round of snow 3″ and then a couple of wind storms but I will that rather than what the Eastern part of the country is having to deal with, snow, snow and more snow. They are say that a winter wind storm is going to come in tomorrow and give them another 15″ with blizzard conditions. Hope everyone stays safe and warm over there.

  16. Elaine, you have just catapulted me to fame in the family – I finally made your lemon drizzle cake! PF refused to believe that I had made it myself – quite an accomplishment, if you ask me. Recipe adopted by all 🙂

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