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six word saturday – education



It has been a bit quiet on the teaching front for a while, but I did four days last week and then yesterday I got out in the garden and started some serious tidying up.  It’s looking a lot neater now, but there is still plenty to be done.

I think this cartoon is so true!

fair selection exam

Happy Saturday!

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22 thoughts on “six word saturday – education

  1. Not fair. There can never be a truly fair world with so many different species: think food chain!

  2. Ya gotta admit, though: Monkeys RULE!

  3. I agree with Viv. As for monkeys, they may rule trees, but that is about it.

  4. I work in educational publishing and actually have that cartoon posted at my desk at work. Very true!

  5. What a wonderful point of view.

  6. Oh yes totally fair! I like it! Enjoy your weekend….!

  7. Where did you find this, Elaine? We’re doing well for smiles this weekend 🙂
    Hope it’s not true!

  8. Too true. It’s based on a quote by Einstein: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

    • I had no idea it was based on Einstein – thank you for enlightening me. 🙂 I just find it so apt because where I live and work we are constantly measuring the children by the same yardsticks and exams when, quite clearly, they are all very different. There are some children who, no matter how hard they try (and they do), will never quite make it to the top of the tree – a bit like the fish versus the monkey! We should celebrate what they can actually do rather than trying to get them all up the same tree.

  9. well you made me smile, oh that poor fish!!! have a nice weekend

    much love…

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  11. 🙂 Hang in there is not good advice for these guys!!!

  12. Love it! It really says it all

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