I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

The correct way to eat a biscuit


Is there a right way up to eat a biscuit?  Can a biscuit be upside down?  We were having this discussion the other day, and apparently there are some people who think that there are right and wrong ways to eat them.

Some people feel that the correct way to eat a chocolate digestive is chocolate side down.

chocolate digestives

I would always eat it with the chocolate on the top – what would you do?

Another biscuit under discussion was the jaffa cake.  (Yes, I know, it’s got ‘cake’ in its name so how can it be a biscuit?  Well, it is always sold on the shelves beside biscuits in the shops, rather than with the cakes, so for the purposes of this post I am counting it as a biscuit.)  So, the question is – should a jaffa cake be eaten with the chocolate side on top?  Then there are the other questions – should you nibble round the edges, leaving the orange jelly section in the middle for last?  Should you eat the orange jelly section first, leaving the sponge for last?  I used to eat the jelly part first and then the sponge, but now I just eat it as it comes – I’m not sure which way is correct!


Finally the Tunnock’s Tea Cake –

tunnock's tea cake

I think the only way is to eat it by biting some of the chocolate off the top (or the side) then eating the soft mallowy centre, scooping it out with your tongue, before finishing the chocolate then ending with the biscuit on the bottom.  Some people would just take bites of biscuit, mallow centre and chocolate together in each mouthful.  However, is there a correct way to do it ?

How do you eat biscuits?  I realise this post might only make sense to British readers, but maybe these delightful confections are available elsewhere, possibly under different names.



13 thoughts on “The correct way to eat a biscuit

  1. Jaffa cakes are biscuits for tax reasons. And obviously you have to nibble round the otusides first, then eat the sponge off the bottom and finishes by sucking the chocolate/jelly part until all the chocolate’s come off.

    Mmmm, Tunnock’s teacakes! I haven’t had them in so long I can’t even remember how I eat them.

  2. Tax reasons? I hadn’t heard that! I can see the logic in how you eat jaffa cakes – I might try that next time. 🙂

  3. Yummy! Those Tunnock’s teacakes………depending on how many I have, I eat the first one by biting off the chocolate and mallow in one bite, and then I eat the chocolate biscuit base. The second one, I nibble the chocolate off the top, then stick my tongue into the centre and carefully nibble the mallow off the base. The third one………… No, no no….definitely too much information here. 😆 PS: I’m just about to have 2 chocolate Digestives with my tea. I like them chocolate side up, and try to eat them as slowly as possible, but then the chocolate melts on my finger ends. Should I lick it off, or wash my hands? 😕

  4. So that’s what a teacake is…I have a friend who is always telling me in her emails that she is having a teacake with her cup of tea. I imagined it to be fruit-cake-like, not this confection of chocolate and marshmallow. How decadent!

  5. I would eat them anyway. I currently live in Asia, I really appreciate the simple things in life. For example, finding digestive biscuits at the local supermarket was one of the best days of my life!!

  6. Always chocolate on top!!! I get quite twitchy if I see someone eating a choc digestive upside down!

  7. Granted, I’m a Yank, so my opinion may not count for much. That said, I always eat my Jaffa cakes leaving the jelly bit for last. As for chocolate digestives, obviously chocolate side up. Otherwise what’s the point of a defined “top” and “bottom”? The same goes for malted milk biscuits, and those lovely bourbon creams from Sainsbury’s. They too have a defined top and bottom. And Tunnock’s…..the one thing I can’t find easily stateside. But I’ve always been a fan of the chocolate nibble, then scooping out the mallow from the center and ending with the biscuit.

    • Hello Mike, thanks for stopping by. Everyone’s opinion is very important! 🙂 I’m glad to read that there’s another supporter of eating choc digestives with the choc on the top, and Tunnock’s tea cakes by the ‘scooping out the mallow’ method – clearly the only way to do things properly! 🙂

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