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weekly photo challenge: monument, part two


I could have added this photo on to the end of the other monument post, but I thought she might get lost in it and I spent so long making her that really she deserves her very own moment of fame!  This is my Statue of Liberty, made a few years ago as a contribution to an Art degree final project (not mine, I hasten to add!) using a completely white Playmobil figure.  We were invited to be as creative as we liked.  Unfortunately I don’t have a brilliant photo of my effort, and you can’t quite see that she is holding the  Declaration of Independence in her left hand, but you get the general idea…

Statue of Liberty playperson


Statue of Liberty 3

For more monumental photos go to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.



10 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: monument, part two

  1. You made that? It’s fabulous 😀

    There’s currently a Playmobil exhibition on at a museum near me… I’m hoping to go over Easter weekend.

    • Thank you – yes, I made it. It was a bit fiddly to try and get it as exact as possible (including the left foot sticking out from under the robes) but I really enjoyed doing it.
      A Playmobil exhibition sounds good – I think it’s a fabulous toy.

  2. You did well Elaine. This is very cute and so tiny. I love all the details.

  3. You could have marketed this, Elaine 🙂 She’s just the thing to raise a 4th July smile!

  4. When my children were little, they played with Playmobil constantly! I still have it all–can’t part with it. This is a beautiful little Statue of Liberty–would have loved to have this in our collection!

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