I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

tiptoe through the bluebells with me


At the end of last week, I went to take another look at the bluebells in the woods and I think they are probably fully out now.  It was such a shame that the weather was miserable – when I started my walk it was dull and cloudy and by the time I was about half way it was raining.  Perhaps with a little sunshine filtering through the trees the bluebells would have looked even lovelier.  As usual the photos don’t do them justice.

I started my walk through the park …


… then headed off towards the Grand Union Canal, which runs between Birmingham and London.  This is the London direction, and the misty effect of the dull, grey day is enhanced by the woodsmoke coming out of the chimney on the boat.

canal towards London

I continued on my way and came to this side path which was definitely inviting me to walk further in…

the path invites me into the woods

I wasn’t very far along the path before I came to the first swathe of bluebells…

carpet of bluebells 1

carpet of bluebells 2

carpet of bluebells 3

Instead of sticking to the wider path I was already on, I turned right onto a narrower path, taking me deeper into the bluebell covered woodland floor.  The woods are quite popular with dog walkers and I had already passed one man with his dog when I saw what I thought was another dog ahead of me, nosing around in the undergrowth.  Something about it made me stop to look, and I soon realised that it wasn’t a dog but a muntjac deer.  I know they live in the area but hadn’t seen one, so this was very exciting.  I tried to take a photo but, even with the zoom, my little point and shoot camera couldn’t really get close enough, but you can make out the deer in this next photo, in the middle of the frame.

muntjac deer in bluebell woods

I watched it for a while, but then I think it realised I was there and ran off.  I continued on my way…

carpet of bluebells 4

Round every turn, and wherever I looked, there were bluebells.  By now it was raining quite heavily, so I reluctantly decided I should start heading back towards the main path, and the way home.

carpet of bluebells 5

Crossing back over the canal, there was a boat going through the lock.


I think the bluebells are probably at their peak now, but I might have another look next week – and maybe I’ll see some deer too.

Just one more picture of bluebells before I go…carpet of bluebells 7



19 thoughts on “tiptoe through the bluebells with me

  1. Beautiful, Elaine 🙂 I found some yesterday but no time to post. You’ve just made it with this one- I leave for Poland in a few hours.

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  3. Oh those photos are just glorious they take me back (along time!!!) to my childhood in England and brought back lovely memories for me. You were so lucky to see that deer.

  4. The bluebells are gorgeous, but my favourite photo is of the boat through the trees. It looks very mysterious in the mist.

  5. Those bluebells are just so beautiful.
    I would be scared to walk in a lonely area like that but I live in South Africa!!!

    • I think because I know the area well, and have walked there on my own many times, and there are usually other walkers (with, or without, dogs) I feel quite safe. Perhaps where you live I might not be so relaxed. 🙂

  6. I so enjoyed your bluebell pics, Elaine. Like Pommepal says, they brought back beautiful memories of my childhood in England. Spotting that deer was a real bonus. Lucky you. 🙂

  7. Gorgeous pictures, what a lovely wood.

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