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six word saturday – Eurovision



Not all of my readers will know what I am talking about, so a quick explanation… The Eurovision Song Contest is a TV singing competition where countries in Europe put forward one entry, which is performed live, then when all the songs have been sung, the participating countries award points to the ones they like best based, usually, on a judging panel and/or telephone voting. It has become a bit political (more than a bit in some cases) these days but it can be an entertaining, if cheesy, evening’s entertainment.ย  The UK TV commentary can be worth watching the programme for just to hear that never mind the songs!

I remember the year Abba won it (1974). I was away for the weekend, canoeing with friends, and we listened to the competition on the car radio (in the ‘olden’ days it was a bit more of a serious competition than it is now). How odd that that memory should have stuck!


Happy Saturday!

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37 thoughts on “six word saturday – Eurovision

  1. I shall be watching, Elaine, ’tis one of my favourite TV shows, even with the cheese and politics. In fact, I shall be having my own Eurovision party! With mini-buffet, of course.

  2. Cool. Don’t know how this had escaped my ken until now. ABBA, eh?

  3. I’ve never heard of it but it sounds interesting! And it must be good if it has lasted that long! Curious to hear how it goes!

    • I’m not entirely sure why it has lasted this long. ‘Good’ is probably not the best word for it, but I think the people in this country who watch it have their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks.

  4. Sounds like lots of fun. I like their outfits!

  5. Sorry it is not available in Canada. Hope your singer is the winner.

  6. I used to watch every year (I was rather obsessed with it) and had my own traditions on what to eat that night etc. In recent years (since they started doing the semi-finals and the five hour voting thing) I just can’t be bothered. Didn’t even watch the Swedish finals this year, actually… But we’ll see if there’s anything better on.

  7. Once upon a time I would have watched it at a eurovision party… I used to love Wogan’s caustic wit. I wouldn’t put myself through it now. Did they ever manage to speed up the voting palaver? That used to kill the evening, so it did. The one I remember remembering was a Danish girl singing about a butterfly. I liked Katrina and the waves with Love shine a light as well. Happy days.

    • I think the voting might be a bit quicker than it used to be, but not very much. I usually do something else while the early voting is on (read a book, check emails etc). There were a few years where I didn’t watch it at all, so I don’t remember seeing Katrina and the Waves.

  8. I was in the control room at Eurovision HQ for the very first Eurovision in the 1950’s – about 8 countries. Now it takes for ever to hear all the songs and Europe has pushed its boundaries into Asia and Africa! I also saw an early final with my kids in the bar of a Paris b & b,

    • Wow – that’s a great bit of history! I have no idea how it was decided who was in ‘Europe’ for the purposes of this contest (probably people that ‘they’ didn’t want to upset). I suppose the huge number of contestants is why they have to have semi-finals, or it would be a 24 hour marathon TV show!

  9. not sure we can get this on the US West coast….sounds like a fun show!

  10. We used to listen to Terry Wogan’s descriptions of the candidates – we generally enjoyed it more than the singing.

  11. Love the outfits from ’74, the year I lived in Australia. Great memories!

  12. Funny- I just this second saw your response about the ‘scramble’ ๐Ÿ™‚
    I was talking to Viveka in Sweden earlier and she says she always watches. For me, it’s one of those ‘groan’ things that I usually avoid. This year might be interesting, and there’s always a glass of red and the laptop for background.

  13. An Australian girl was a guest artist this year – Jessica Mauboy. Apparently she got rave reviews. One of our TV channels always shows the finals but I didn’t watch. I did however manage to see the bearded lady…what is it with that???

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  15. I love to shock my students by telling them that I don’t even own a TV—and it’s true!

    My 6WS: Looking Forward to Your Visit!

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