I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

a walk in Finsbury Park


Finsbury Park is a public green space of about 110 acres in central north London.  I was there on Sunday morning to support (i.e. hold the coats and water bottles etc) Mr Decisive and a friend in a ‘fun’ 10k run.  It was pretty chilly for May, and windy, so while the run was going on I went for a walk round to keep warm and to see what I could see.

There are open green spaces …


Finsbury Park


Finsbury Park 2

…and views over central London with the Shard (the tallest building in the European Union) taking  centre stage…

view towards central London

the Shard in the centre of the picture

…and a picnic and play area…

picnic and play area

There is a boating lake, although the boats are still in ‘dry dock’ until the summer…

rowing boats in Finsbury Park

the boating lake in Finsbury Park

The lake was first developed in 1796 for Londoners to escape to from the city centre but even before that a building on the site,  originally built in 1649, was used to house very popular tea rooms as early as the 1750s.

I saw quite a few geese and their goslings, which were feeling the effects of the chilly wind too, and were finding shelter with their mum.

greylag goose and goslings

can all the goslings fit in beside mum

I saw a swan, preening and tidying itself up…

swan in Finsbury Park

preening swan in Finsbury Park

There are quite a few facilites in the park.  A bowling green…

Finsbury Park bowling green

An athletics track and football field…

athletics track in Finsbury Park

… tennis courts…

tennis courts Finsbury Park

and a small building housing an exhibition space…

McKenzie Pavilion Finsbury Park

After the race we warmed ourselves up with a hot chocolate in the cafe (no photo I’m afraid – I forgot!).

So, there you have it – a virtual walk in the park.




18 thoughts on “a walk in Finsbury Park

  1. What a pretty day, despite the grey and windy weather! Thank you for the tour.

  2. I never ever made it to Finsbury Park in my London years, Elaine, so thanks for the insight, and for your support 🙂

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  4. That’s my exercise for the day taken care of 🙂

  5. A lovely park, Elaine, but I think you could do with a bit more sunshine there. The goslings are too adorable. 🙂

  6. Some nice green spaces in London – you might enjoy reading my take on the city http://wp.me/pL5Ms-1pc if you feel like it!
    Jude xx (visiting from Jo’s site)

  7. I’ve never been to Finsbury Park, so this was really interesting – thank you!
    Sorry for you that it wasn’t a better day weather-wise…
    but I guess it was perfect for the ‘fun’ runners!!
    Emma 🙂

  8. It’s always nice to come across a large green space in the middle of a city, and sometimes very surprising. This park looks very large.

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