I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

a day for mothers


I didn’t want to make an apostrophe faux pas in my title – is it Mother’s Day or Mothers’ Day, so I have played safe.  I think I prefer the old name for it, Mothering Sunday – no danger of an incorrectly placed apostrophe there.

Some of you celebrated this particular day last weekend, but here we celebrated it at the end of March and I keep forgetting to post about the excellent present my daughter gave me.  She knows what I like…

Big Ben lego box

Big Ben made with Lego

I am a great fan of Lego and we have a Lego store in our nearest shopping mall.  Every time I am there, I seem to find my way into it to do a bit of window shopping.  🙂  There are some fabulous sets and models, but I do wonder where I would keep them all if I owned them!

And to end this Mum related post – here’s good old Snoopy …

Snoopy Mom!



6 thoughts on “a day for mothers

  1. I’ve spend ages agonizing over the spelling too! According to this, it’s “mother’s day” :
    Love the lego. I’ll be asking for Playmos instead of garden plants this year… At least they won’t die on me or need watering 🙂

    • In the past, I would have written Mother’s Day, because I always thought of it as being a day for someone’s mother. But now I have seen it written the other way, and of course am doubting myself. 😉
      Looking forward to seeing your new Playmobil!

  2. Now that’s a different gift. I would never have picked you for a lego-lover Elaine, but then again I’ve never seen lego like this before. It’s pretty amazing. I have some grammar related photos I took especially to send to you a while ago. I must email them this weekend. I think you’ll appreciate them!

    • I have been an admirer of Lego for years – as a toy for children. It’s only relatively recently that it seems to be quite acceptable for teenagers and adults to like it too, so I can admit it now! We have only ever had lots of bricks/windows/wheels etc so going into the shop and gazing at all the different sets you can get is good fun.

  3. I hate the mother’s day apostrophe. It’s just wrong, no matter what you do…

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