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weekly photo challenge: on the move


For this week’s photo challenge, share your interpretation of “on the move.”

suitcases on a trolley and bicycles

My mum and I visited the Bluebell Railway in Sussex where there is an 11 mile section of track which has been restored to its former glory and the days of steam train travel.  We took a trip on one of the trains and sampled their ‘cream tea’ service (very nice).  Our journey took us to three stations, each one restored to a different era – the 1880s, 1920s and 1950s.


steam train at Bluebell Railway

steam train at Bluebell Railway2

Bluebell Railway

bikes and porter's trolley

The photos I took out of the carriage window aren’t great – they could do with washing their windows!


Sheffield Park

If you are a fan of Downton Abbey, you might recognise this next station, Horsted Keynes.  The week before we were there, the name on the station signs was ‘Downton’.

Horsted Keynes station

Horsted Keynes

photo credit: John Sandys

photo credit: John Sandys

A visit to the Bluebell Railway is a lovely day out – very nostalgic for people who are ‘young’ enough to remember travelling by steam train.

This post is for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.


9 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: on the move

  1. I would enjoy doing that. It sounds like you and your Mum had a lovely day.

  2. Wonderful old trains:)

  3. Oh my Hubby and I would LOVE doing this! Thank you for sharing! One more tic on my bucket list!

  4. It’s great fun – I highly recommend it. 🙂

  5. I love the old suitcases, I have a couple of those and would love have a stack of them.

  6. We took our grandson on the Bluebell Line several years ago when he was mad about Thomas – we also took him to the Watercress Line when Thomas and friends were visiting. Grandson turned 12 this week – how time flies! I love steam engines – the carriages move along with a clackerty-clack sound that you just don’t get with a diesel engine.

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