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six word saturday – rugby



Last weekend Mr Decisive and I travelled by coach, with other supporters,  to Cardiff to watch our team (Saracens) play in the European Cup Final against Toulon.  The journey, which should have taken 3 hours including a ‘comfort’ break, took six, and we only just made it into our seats with 8 minutes to spare before kick off!  From the moment we got onto the motorway (about a mile from the pick up point) we seemed to be in slow moving, or stationary, traffic.  The world and his uncle were heading off in the same direction it seemed – it being a bank holiday weekend didn’t help!

Today we are in the Premiership Final and again we are travelling by supporters’ coach.  It is a very much shorter journey this time and not on roads which holiday makers are also taking.  It’s not a bank holiday this weekend, so I am hopeful that we will be able to get there in time to enjoy some of the pre-match entertainment which will be going on around the ground.

In Cardiff we lost, so my fingers are firmly crossed that we win today!

Happy Saturday!

photo credit: rugbyrefs.com

photo credit: rugbyrefs.com


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30 thoughts on “six word saturday – rugby

  1. The moral of this story is that if you want to get anywhere on a bank holiday weekend, to use minor roads! We once took 11 hours to get from NW London to Exmoor, and vowed never again to use the motorways at such times.

  2. Happy travels, happier game!

    My Six Words

  3. Good luck! I hope your team wins. Both my daughter-in-law and son have played rugby. My granddaughter is learning the game.

  4. Good luck in all that you do, but mostly enjoy!

  5. Hope it went well! 🙂 At least the sun’s shining, Elaine.

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  7. Ha! But I bet you weren’t expecting the A4 Hammersmith flyover to be closed – or whatever the BBC travel news kept bleating on about on our journey up to the Lake District! I hope you got there OK!

  8. Glad the journey was better, sorry the result wasn’t!

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