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Friday letters – the passport edition


Dear Passport Office,  There has been some bad press about you this week, and questions in Parliament, saying that there is a huge backlog of applications to process and that it is taking much longer than the normal four weeks.  We have seen interviews on TV with angry people saying they are ‘disgusted’ with the service and that they are ‘gutted’ that their holiday of a lifetime might be in jeopardy. The application form says that the wait will be approximately three weeks, but on the news they are saying four.  Well, I would just like to say that I am very pleased with your service and my new passport arrived on Wednesday, three  weeks and one day after I had sent it for renewal.


passports old and new

Dear mobile phone,  Why, why, why is it that your ‘smart’ facilities always seem to have a ‘go slow’ when I need to find something quickly?  Even worse than the go slow is the 3G connection which is strong until I want to use it in a hurry, and then it goes to zero so I can’t do anything!  Please sort yourself out.

Dear robins, I saw one of you earlier this week – hooray!  I think you were an adult, so there’s still no sign of the young one.

Dear walking boots, I hope that an application of some waterproofing will give you a new lease of life.  I really don’t want to have to buy new ones at this stage, when you are very comfortable and I have a long walk to complete in a few weeks.  I was confident that you would have stood up to the rigours of the very wet climb of Snowdon last Saturday but the evidence of my wet socks at the end of it suggests that you are not as waterproof as you used to be.

Dear Weather Gods, Something must be making you happy these days.  I am very much enjoying the warm and sunny weather that you have sent this week.  Long may it continue.

I hope your Friday is good.







14 thoughts on “Friday letters – the passport edition

  1. I’m loving the sunny weather too; except on days when I’m stuck inside a dingy office, like today!
    I enjoyed reading about your Snowden climb too.

  2. Are you planning an overseas trip some time soon with your lovely new passport…is Australia beckoning?

  3. Have a great weekend, Elaine. Warm sunny weather sounds good. 🙂

  4. Happy Friday to you too! ::)

  5. I love your Friday letters – what a great concept! I need a new passport, but now I’m worried about applying for one! And I can’t understand why we can’t just carry something like a photo driving licence to travel to Europe as they don’t stamp anything anyway, and just have a ‘visa’ booklet for those countries that need to stick permits in. Passports seem very old-fashioned. Not to mention expensive.

  6. If you need a passport quickly, then it is probably worth paying the extra for the expedited service. I sent mine off in plenty of time, because I didn’t have a trip coming up, but I wouldn’t like not to have a current passport just in case we win the lottery and want to jet off somewhere! I agree with you that a photo driving licence should be enough for travel to Europe. I do like my passport though, because I have been lucky enough to travel to places where they actually stamp it! 🙂

  7. Passport Canada says the normal processing time is 20 business days, which means a month at best. I hope the Canadian service is as quick as yours appears to be!

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