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six word saturday – happy robin news



After an absence of about two weeks, I spotted the baby robin this morning.  Its red breast is beginning to develop now so it looks a bit more robin-like rather than just a small brown speckled bird.  So, in the last week I have seen one adult, and one juvenile – but where is the other one?  Hopefully it didn’t provide the sparrowhawk’s meal.


The red breast is starting to develop. photo credit: thamesvalleybirds.co.uk

The red breast is starting to develop.
photo credit: thamesvalleybirds.co.uk


I hope everyone has a good Saturday.


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31 thoughts on “six word saturday – happy robin news

  1. We have three new baby cardinals at our feeder. I love this time of year.

  2. Good news! Praying for the other little one!

  3. Robins are wonderful, tasty little birds.

  4. WE have seen the baby cardinals.

  5. May the robin thrive!

    Six Words and Shadows

  6. I once nursed a mourning dove, a very young one – still had wing feathers wrapped up. Poor bird got blown out of the nest (into the road) during a storm. Once I released it, it came back every year. Pretty cool to watch.
    Hope the other one returns.

  7. How wonderful! Have fun watching it grow!

  8. Nothing could be cuter! Sweet babv.

  9. Yay that the baby is back!

  10. Lovely photo–I love these birds!

  11. awww what a sweetie tweetie! We love watching the birds!

  12. Such a pretty little fella 🙂 Hope Dad (or Mum) is ok.

  13. Good to hear its going strong, Elaine. Robins are one of my favourite little birds!

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