I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the 4th of July edition


Dear days of the week, I know this is controversial, but could you please arrange to either last longer (25 hours rather than the usual 24), or introduce a new one?  I have requested an extra month during the summer holidays, but the odd extra day in the week would really help to get things done!  Not every week, though – an extra day during a tough working week wouldn’t be very welcome!

Dear foxes in my garden, Please stop digging it up, and please stop your noisy night-time antics.  Also, please stop bringing in rubbish/trash from other peoples’ bins and leaving it lying around.

Dear weather gods, Thank you for this current spell of warm sunny weather – we are enjoying it very much.

Dear designers of new school buildings, I would like to suggest that you come and spend a day working in a small classroom with thirty children on a warm, sunny day.  Hopefully you would realise that the design of your rooms is woefully inadequate and the windows do not open sufficiently wide to get a decent breeze.

Dear fellow bloggers, I’ve been very lax recently in reading and commenting but I am hopeful that next week I might have more time.

Dear American friends, Happy 4th of July!



4 thoughts on “Friday letters – the 4th of July edition

  1. I would like extra hours in my days too! But not extra time at work – I still want to work 8 hours, then have extra hours to actually get other stuff done.

  2. I feel your pain working in a hot stuffy classroom!

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