I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters: second August edition


Dear Weather, Things are not looking good for our planned birthday barbeque at the weekend. Please could you arrange for all the rain to be over by Sunday and a few warm, sunny spells to take its place. The forecast strong winds aren’t looking too good either.

Dear Rail Engineering Works, Have you been conspiring with the weather gods? Choosing this weekend to do major works which affect our local station, and the travel plans of our guests on Sunday, is not impressive!

Dear clueQuest, Spending an hour locked in a room with 4 of your relatives, trying to figure out how to escape, might not sound like a great way to pass the time on a Thursday morning but, quite to the contrary, it was great fun! Solving all sorts of clues and finding codes to unlock padlocks and doors while all the time a monitor counts down your 60 minute time limit was one of the best activities we have done for a long time. It is not for nothing that you are the number one tourist attraction in London, according to Trip Advisor.

Dear Car,  I hope that the expensive work that is being done on you today is going to make you run very much more smoothly!

Dear Christmas merchandise,  In the shops already??  Far toooooo early!

Dear WordPress, I am not impressed that you have changed (again) the page for creating a new post. I had written this post a while ago and have now spent at least half an hour (so far) trying to find out how to publish it.  There is a button which says ‘Publish’ and in the old editor that would have done the trick, but it doesn’t seem to be working for this new system. I am pleased to spot, though, that I can choose to go back to the ‘classic mode’, but I thought I’d give this new system a try first.  Why do you feel you have to change something that was working very well? Change for the sake of change maybe??



17 thoughts on “Friday letters: second August edition

  1. Hope your weather comes to the party in time, Elaine. I’m also not impressed with the ‘Beep beep boop’. 😦 Happy weekend to you. xx

  2. Hope the weather improves for you!

    Thankfully there are no Christmas things in the shops here yet. They’ve gone with autumn instead… pumpkin shaped items everywhere!

  3. Totally with you on the WP thing – really wish they’d stop f***ing around with it! It was fine before! Hope your weather improves and your transportation woes aren’t too woeful 😉

  4. I always use the dashboard to write and publish posts so the frustration I have seen about the changes totally went over my head! I have to say it feels as though summer is already over, there is a distinct autumnal feel already, though I do hope your BBQ birthday bash goes well, and I love that cartoon 😀

  5. I’m with Heyjude on the publishing posts thing. I have seen lots of people complaining about the changes but I always write the text for my posts in a word document and open a new post from the dashboard before pasting the text in. I haven’t seen any changes. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

    I can’t believe you’ve seen Christmas stock in the shops…that is dreadful.

    And finally, I just commented to Glen this afternoon that I could easily spend lots more time in London and now we have something new to see and do next time we are there.

    • I usually go via the Dashboard (and I;ve just checked that it’s still the ‘normal’ view) but I got to the posting page a different way yesterday and found this dreadful new thing. Even if I had composed Friday’s post in a word document first, I think I would still have struggled to publish it. I am going to leave this new-fangled ‘beep, beep, boop’ page well alone for as long as I can!
      I think it would be possible to visit London every day for a year and find something new to do!

  6. Dear Elaine,
    Great letters once again. Have you noticed that we are being warned of ground frost already? Ground frost! It’s still Summer!!!

  7. Ooh, clueQuest sounds awesome!

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