I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the final August edition


Dear August, I can’t believe we have arrived already at the last of your 5 Fridays.  Thanks for providing the extra weekend this year, it has been excellent.

Dear foxes,  Is it not time for you to have a rest from your night-time antics?  Or at least indulge in them silently?

Dear computer,  Why, when I am in a hurry, do you take ages to load everything when I switch you on, and why are the pages I want to view online ‘Not Responding’, resulting in me having to restart you?  Please take this letter as a stern warning that you need to do better.

Dear autumn,  Surely you are not on your way already, but judging by the leaves that are falling in my garden, it seems as though you might be.

Dear Fellow Bloggers, I am going to have more time soon to catch up with all the posts I have been missing – I hope.  I am managing to read a few posts, but not commenting as much as I would like.  Once the madness of the summer break is over (birthdays, lots of visitors etc), things should return to a more even keel.

Dear supermarkets,  It is not even the end of August and a few days ago I spotted Christmas merchandise on display prominently.  It is FAR TOO EARLY!  I’ve said this for the last few years, but I am sure this year must be the earliest I have seen it.

Christmas merchandise in August

Christmas merchandise in August.

Hope everyone has a good Friday whatever you might be doing.



16 thoughts on “Friday letters – the final August edition

  1. Have a lovely weekend yourself, Elaine. And I agree, nooooo Christmas stuff as yet please.

  2. Ah Jaysus, Christmas! Are they having a laugh?! You didn’t use to see Xmas stuff until after Hallowe’en…

    • It’s been getting earlier and earlier here over recent years. I remember about 5 years ago a Santa’s grotto opened the day the children went back to school after the summer break! Someone saw sense and it closed again, but not for long.

  3. …and then it will be Easter Eggs.

  4. Argh! It can’t possibly be nearly Christmas – can it?

  5. It sounds as if your computer is on its way to oblivion. Have you backed up?

  6. Cheeselets!! I miss those.
    I saw a tree decked out entirely in orange this morning. *Sigh* I’m not ready for autumn yet!

  7. Don’t even get me STARTED on the Christmas stuff appearing in shops. I almost hyperventilated in Card Factory the other day – a whole aisle full of Christmas cards. Spare me!!

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