I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the first October edition


Dear supermarkets,  You aren’t even being subtle about it now – your Christmas merchandise it beginning to take over the aisles.  It’s hard to see the Hallowe’en products because there is so much red, green and white!  Can I just ask that at least you do not start playing any of your festive music for at least another 6 weeks?

Dear Weather Gods, This continuing warm weather is fantastic.  I had started looking out my autumn/winnter clothes last weekend, and putting away the summer ones, thinking I’d need them this week, but it’s great still to be wearing the summer stuff.  I think it’s all going to change this weekend, but thank you for such a prolonged late summer.

Dear goldfinches,  Where have you been?  It’s nice to have you back in the garden and on the bird feeders again.

Dear Great British Bake Off,  Only one more week to go – I can’t believe it.  It seems to have gone so quickly this year and I am going to miss you.

Dear knitting,  Finally, I seem to be getting somewhere with you after several false starts and having tried various combinations of circular needles and/or double pointed needles.  It’s going to be a slow process, but hopefully I am going to have a neck warmer, hat and mittens completed by the time the very cold weather comes along.

photo credit: postcrossing.com

photo credit: postcrossing.com

Happy Friday!


13 thoughts on “Friday letters – the first October edition

  1. I broke down and actually bought some Lebkuchen. It’s so tasty and only out for such a short period of time… the Christmas tree baubles can go away though!

  2. Happy weekend to you too! I’m with you on the Christmas stuff – it’s not even Hallowe’en for another four weeks, FFS. Next they’ll have the Paddy’s Day stuff out 😉
    Glad you’re still enjoying the warm weather too! Still lovely here as well!

  3. I know what you mean about the Christmas stuff. I was in the Michael’s craft store a few days ago, and I could hear this very obnoxious Santa voice going HO, HO, HO, over and over again. I tracked it to the source, and it was one of those lit diorama things with a Christmas train going round and round. I said to the salesclerk, “This is getting old real fast. Could you please turn it off?” She said she couldn’t (or perhaps wouldn’t.) I showed her where the electric cord was, and suggested perhaps she could go get a ladder so that we could reach high enough to unplug the thing. She left me, and didn’t come back. She must either be very patient, or is hard of hearing…

    • Aaarrgghh! That would have driven me mad too! Good for you going and having a word with the ‘deaf’ salesclerk – I would probably just have got angrier and probably not have stayed in the shop for so long and therefore not bought as much. Their loss!

  4. Lisa was knitting poppies for an event in Nottingham connected to WW2. I suggested I had some blue wool. 🙂

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