I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the second October edition


Dear work,  It’s good to be back with colleagues I have worked with for years, but also nice that there are some new faces too.

Dear cakes, Why are you so tempting?

Dear parcel delivery companies,  Why do some of you deliver parcels two days earlier than your email says, but others have us waiting in the house all day and nothing comes?

Dear weather (I’m afraid I seem to be writing to you a lot),  Please can you make sure that heavy rain does not fall during the school day.  Our children don’t seem to be able to cope with the excitement!  Oh, and wet and windy weather at the same time as a full moon is a recipe for an over excited class of children (who have not been able to get outside at break times), and not much meaningful work being completed.

Dear pavement cleaner,  What happens to all the green plastic bags that you carefully fill with the leaves you have just swept up, and then leave in groups beside trees along our road?  I see the little piles of them every 100 yards or so, but I never see anyone take them away.

street sweeping cart

I hope you have a good Friday – it’s nearly the weekend!


19 thoughts on “Friday letters – the second October edition

  1. I swear 90% of my letters are to the weather. Must be a British thing 😉

  2. So many unanswered questions, Elaine. I don’t think the weather can read. 😀

  3. Ah, yes, I remember the effect of the weather on children. One snowflake and they are glued to the window.

  4. Here it’s the wind that sets children off. We get a lot of wind!

  5. I wrote to the weather fairy recently, too. She dumped so much water on our region that people were kayaking down the Avenue in the middle of town, the trains, buses and trams were grounded and helicopters were picking people out of trees. I think we should do a petition asking for the weather fairy to either get her act together or hand her wand in before it’s too late.

  6. I’m with you on the parcel deliveries – they are a law unto themselves, aren’t they?!

  7. I’m loving these Friday letters! And cakes aren’t so tempting (…she said, as she tucked into her second cupcake even though it was nearly dinner time!!)

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