I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the weather free edition


Dear blackbirds,  I really enjoyed listening to you as I walked home from work yesterday.

Dear Asda floor cleaning machine,  Do you just wait for me to arrive before you start cleaning the floors?  Do your spies see my car pull into the car park and tell you to get into position?  It doesn’t happen in any of the other supermarkets but, every time I go to Asda, there you are (and sometimes there are two of you) beeping and working slowly in whichever aisle it is I want to be in and generally getting in my way.  I remember now why I very rarely visit Asda!

Dear Autumn,  You are beginning to look very attractive, as more and more of the leaves on the trees are starting to turn to shades of orange and red.

Dear Strictly Come Dancing,  Thank you very much for an excellent day/evening out last Saturday.  We had a great time, although it was a very long day queuing to get into the studios, and then sitting for 6 hours while the programme was recorded.  The carton of fruit juice and four-finger KitKat were very welcome at the end of the live show.

Dear weekend,  How can you nearly be here already?

Dear weather,  I hope you are not disappointed, but I am not going to write to you today.


Happy Friday!


21 thoughts on “Friday letters – the weather free edition

  1. Someone I went to school with is on standby for Strictly Come Dancing – if one of the regular dancers is ill or something, he will take over.

  2. Dear me – why can’t I think of such original and charmings posts?!

  3. Those Asda cleaning machines are tipped off by a neighbour that you are on your way….😉

  4. I love your weekly round-ups 🙂 You have such a fun life!

  5. Dear Elaine. I’m sure you only wrote your last “Dear Friday” post two days ago. Time is running away too fast. I need cake support. Now.

  6. The weekends come around so quickly these days. Lucky you to see the Strictly Come Dancing. Six hours is a very long time. I hope you took a cushion with you. 🙂

  7. I am intrigued…do the cleaning machines work on their own, like robots? If so, I’ll take one off your hands and set it to work here.

    My daughter will be so envious to hear that you have been to Strictly Come Dancing. It was one of her favourite shows when she lived in France for a year.

    The weekends sure are coming round fast now. It’s always like that in Term 4 when we are all so busy.

    Have a nice weekend.

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