I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the glittering edition


Dear glitter,  I am amazed at how far you can spread, and how tenacious you are.  One afternoon in a classroom where two children were using glitter and I don’t think there was one item of my clothing, or one square inch of my skin that was not sparkly at the end of the day.  I’m not sure that I’ve managed to get rid of it yet, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some attached to these letters!

Dear Fiendish Fancies,  Oops, another one of your boxes seemed to leap into my shopping basket yesterday as I passed by the ‘seasonal’ aisle (and a few sweets to hand out if we have any Hallowe’en callers at the door, but I selected them from the shelf myself) – I don’t know what I am going to do with you!  So badly behaved…

Dear motorways of England and Scotland,  Please be clear and trouble free for me tomorrow as I drive northwards to spend a week with my mum.

Dear London,  It’s always a pleasure to walk along the banks of the Thames, when the sky is blue and the sun is shining.

Dear poppies at the Tower of London,  You are fabulous and I really enjoyed seeing your wonderful display on Sunday.  The installation of hundreds of thousands of ceramic poppies (one for every British armed forces life lost during WW1) is very moving.  A proper post about you will be following before too long.

Tower of London poppies

Have a good Friday!


21 thoughts on “Friday letters – the glittering edition

  1. I would have loved to see the poppy display – it sounds amazing.

    Aaah, glitter. That stuff gets everywhere! I once made a Christmas card involving glitter… I was still finding the stuff all over my flat in August! And yes, I do hoover.

  2. Such a heartening piece. Perhaps you are meant to be adorned with glitter. 🙂

  3. Have a lovely weekend with your mom. After being with my little granddaughters last night, I was also quite glittery. 🙂

  4. You do make me smile, Elaine 🙂 And I have to agree- the London poppies are such a beautiful concept!
    Have a happy weekend!

  5. We saw the poppies on the TV news the other day when the Queen was visiting. It looks like an amazing display.

    Safe travelling today and have a wonderful week with your Mum. Did those fiendish fancies sneak their way into your bag by any chance?

  6. The poppies are amazing, I’m so cross I’m in Italy and won’t get to see them. I’m with you on the glitter, it literally gets EVERYWHERE!

  7. Sparkly skin can be such fun!

  8. That poppy display is amazing! Hope you have a nice trip 🙂

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