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Friday letters – the fireworks edition


Dear Friday,  Well hello, and here we are again.  What a quick week it’s been; this time last week I was at my sister’s house in Perthshire helping with the preparations for, then celebration of, my nephew’s birthday. Now I’m back at home at the end of another busy week.

Dear fireworks,  Much as I like you, I think it is time for you to give it a rest now.  November the 5th is when you are supposed to be used in celebration of the discovery of Guy Fawkes and his Gunpowder Plot, but still to be going off almost every evening since the beginning of November (and again last night) is stretching things a bit far I think.

chickenfireworksDear garden,  You are looking a little abandoned, so I must get out to sweep up some leaves and finish off preparations for the winter.  I will try and do some this weekend – if we aren’t blown away by the winds that are supposed to be coming our way, or swept away in the heavy rain that has already arrived.

Dear Christmas TV adverts,  I feel as though I have been ambushed by you, and completely surrounded.  One tv programme I watched earlier this week had supermarket and other stores’ Christmas adverts on in every single break.  I quite enjoy them, but not so many all at once please!  Oh, and I saw the Coca Cola one – does this make it official that Christmas is nearly here? (there are still six weeks to go but I am beginning to feel that it is much nearer than that!)

Dear International Magic and Variety Gala Show,  I’m really looking forward to going to see you tomorrow night.  It was great fun last year, so I am hoping for more of the same this year.

Happy Friday everyone!



16 thoughts on “Friday letters – the fireworks edition

  1. The Christmas things have been in the shops for so long now that it came as a bit of a shock when I realised the other day that it will actually be here in a matter of weeks and haven’t even thought about gifts for most people yet, never mind bought them! I haven’t seen any Christmas TV adverts yet, but that’s because I mainly watch BBC World News and there are adverts on that.

  2. The fireworks, indeed, have outstayed their welcome. People who continue to set them off after 5th November should be tied to the tails of their bloomin rockets and fired off.

    The leaves, I am informed by my glossy gardening magazine, should be left on the boarders, as they rot down over the winter and condition the soil. Hurray! I’ve been doing it right for years without knowing!!

    And yes. I glimpsed the Coca Cola ad ysdy. There’s no turning back now.

    • I can make allowances for a public firework display on the Saturday nearest the 5th, but all the rest of them should be banned! I am relieved to read that I, too, have been doing the leaf thing correctly all these years by not getting out into the garden and clearing them off the borders! I think I might still try and get them off the grass though.

  3. Happy Friday! There are some good blog posts talking about Christmas ads, on Nappy Valley Girl, and on Talk about York. Haven’t seen the Coca Cola one, though.

  4. So happy I don’t have TV – Christmas still feels ages away here! And Ireland is being battered by bad weather at the moment – hope it isn’t as bad by the time it hits you!

  5. I am so over Christmas already. Far too many trees and decorations in the stores already. Is it really only six weeks. Yikes!!

  6. I’m generally not a fan of fireworks, and it drives me crazy when people keep setting them off night after night, making me jump out of my skin. Good you have a plan for your garden. At least you’re noticing its disarray. As for Christmas advertisements, I think they should be banned, at least in the USA, until after my favorite holiday of Thanksgiving. 🙂

  7. I always enjoy your Friday letters. While I did trim the shrubs and pull the weeds, I must apologize to my garden that the leaves are now buried under a blanket of snow. I would also concur with your complaint to Christmas advertisements. Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet in the United States. Must we hasten it by so fast by promoting other holidays?

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