I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

the countdown begins…


It must be December – there are two advent calendars in the house.

First is our traditional one, which has come out every year since we have been married (this is its 29th year) and has a small gift for every day of advent.

tapestry advent calendar

I don’t get to open any of the gifts, because it is me who prepares it, but luckily my friend has sent me another lovely advent card this year.  There are little windows to open each day, each revealing a beautifully painted picture.

advent card

On Monday the Christmas CDs, mugs, glasses, tea towels, aprons, cushions, throws and candles were all brought out of storage and are being used.  Now that December is here I am aware that I had better get on with things and start being organised – writing cards, buying presents, doing some Christmas baking etc.  I can’t say ‘Oh it’s far too early to be thinking of Christmas.’ any more!


26 thoughts on “the countdown begins…

  1. I’m desperately trying to finish my Christmas cards and wondering why I was insane enough to want to stitch them!

  2. I’m opting out this year! Being in the southern hemisphere I just can’t get into it at all, Hearing Christmas songs in the shops is bizarre beyond belief!

  3. The pudding’s in the pressure cooker as I type!

  4. Bad girl MM is saying humbug to it all for the moment. Little My tried blasting my eardrums with Christmas classics, but to no avail. The world outside is still trying to get Autumn over and done with. Bah. Grumble grumble grumble.

    • Tut tut MM. We can’t have any bah humbugging now that it is actually December… I suppose it helps here that the leaves are more or less all off the trees, and the weather has turned quite chilly.

      • I’m going to do a bit of archeology in the garage tomorrow and see if the Christmas decorations come up with a good argument to come home with me. If it does’t work I’mm make some mulled wine (to mull it over). I know I’m going to sit down in a corner and cry ‘I want my mummy’ at the shopping centre, I know I will….

        • A glass of mulled wine sounds ideal – whether or not the Christmas decorations decide to accompany you to the house! I am managing to cope with the shopping centre/supermarket but that could be because I am so tired of seeing the Christmas window displays/goods/decorations that I am almost ignoring them! Good luck on your next trip…

  5. I haven’t got the Christmas spirit yet, but your Advent calendars are so lovely. Maybe I should go out and look for one, just as a start. 🙂

  6. It’s still far too early 😉 But then I just have to rock up at home and not prepare anything! My flatmate got the best Advent calendar I’ve ever seen – one day sweets, the next day gin, and repeat 🙂

  7. I could have written this – even the 29 years married 🙂

    I am way behind (same old same old) but I’m not feeling the usual enthusiasm (or pressure) now that both boys are out of the house. Never thought I’d be sad not to feel stressed 🙂

  8. Your Advent calendars are pretty. We have no Christmas decorations/accessories out yet either, but I visited a friend last night who has all her stuff out and it looked so pretty. I am now inspired to get everything out on the weekend. We have four Christmas parties coming up in the next week so perhaps it’s time to start celebrating. Oh, and the best thing of all – only six days of school left for the year. Yippee!

  9. I love your yearly Advent calendar and I’m impressed that you have Christmas mugs, etc to get out! It’s far more haphazard in our house, but I’ve bought a few things 🙂

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