I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the Christmas jumper edition


Dear Christmas jumpers,  In days gone by you were objects of ridicule (anyone seen Bridget Jones’s Diary?), but now you seem to be highly desirable.  I know people who have a different one for every day of the working week in December!  I only have one, and I think it enjoyed its outing to work yesterday where it was Christmas dinner day, followed by class parties.

Dear school Christmas dinner,  Thank goodness you are over and done with for another year.

Dear Christmas shoppers,  I thought I had a great idea yesterday evening – go and collect a parcel from the parcels office then do some evening shopping with free parking.  It turns out you all had the same idea! Why last night?  The town was nearly gridlocked and the car parks were almost full. The shops are open late every night until Christmas Eve – there is plenty of time!

Dear mince pies,  I am very pleased to have made two large batches of you now.  I am hoping that the ones that are in the freezer can stay there long enough to be available to eat when we are celebrating Christmas – but just in case they don’t, I have mincemeat on my shopping list.

Dear man on the train on Wednesday evening,  Buy some tissues!

Christmas jumper Bridget Jones's Diary

Bridget Jones’s Diary – Colin Firth sporting what was then a cringeworthy jumper

Have a good Friday.


11 thoughts on “Friday letters – the Christmas jumper edition

  1. “Buy some tissues”… I think that often about people on my train!Also “buy some cough sweets!”

  2. Oh god, yes! People sniffing drives me crazy…

  3. Thanks for the laughs, and the memory of my reindeer jersey knitted by my loving gran, who made one for every family member. 😀 Good luck with the mince pies.

  4. Here, with hot summer weather, the fashion is Christmas t-shirts, especially with corny sayings on them. I do not own one. Your mince pies sound tempting. Do you make your own pastry? I might just pop over for afternoon tea!

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