I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

six word saturday – one week left



Last week excitement levels at work were rising with Christmas dinner, party games, Christingle practice, play rehearsals, singing and crafts (in addition to some ‘normal’ work of course).  I’m glad there’s only one week left of the term…


It’s not just the chickens who are confused – some of the children I work with are too (although perhaps not about egg nog!).

Happy Saturday!


This post is for Six Word Saturday.  Click over to  Show My Face for more sets of six words.


25 thoughts on “six word saturday – one week left

  1. The end is in sight—you’ll make it!

    Six Words for Dec. 13th

  2. …and then it’ll all be over!

  3. And you’ll have 5 whole days to organise your own Christmas 🙂 Are you the cook this year?

  4. You made me smile, have a nice Saturday

    Much love…

  5. Are we all chickens running around?

  6. Love the chickens’ version of Christmas. 🙂

  7. Lots of confusion from the little ones. Our five-year-old grand-daughter, KP, is repeating Kindergarten this semester, coming home after almost five years in London. She had graduated there from Reception and was ready for your 1st grade. But here she wasn’t old enough.
    Anyway, she came home very excited after studying (the teacher told, with pictures and exercises) about the episode of our Pilgrims and (American) Indians at Thanksgiving. Mrs. Jim had gotten her a book but she didn’t get that until after the school lesson. KP reads and what she doesn’t sight read she sounds out using phonics and syllable recognition technics. Smart girl. (Her sister is finishing High School at the International School there).

  8. I’m surprised you can fit in any normal work with all that celebratory practice going on. Have a nice last week of term!

  9. awesome comic – and ’tis the season!

  10. The comic is too funny! I’m also glad for just one week left to the end of another school quarter. It’s been all tests, reports, and stress. 😦

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