I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the bird of prey edition


Dear red kite,  Thank you very much for providing an exciting finale to our lunchtime break yesterday.  Three classes of children all lined up silently, waiting to go in to start afternoon lessons, were captivated by your appearance overhead.  We are not quite sure exactly what was going on, but those sea gulls didn’t seem to want you to be there!

red kite

photo credit: rspb.org.uk

Dear last day of term,  Welcome!  It is so nice to have you here – we have all been looking forward to you.  Now we have two weeks off to relax a little and then prepare for the new term starting in January.

Dear Christmas tree,  You are looking good again this year.

Dear Christmas presents,  You might not be wrapped yet, but at least you have all been purchased.  🙂  However, although all are purchased, I am still waiting for one to be delivered – fingers crossed it gets here in time so that I can wrap it and despatch it to the intended recipient.

Dear Easyjet and Luton Airport,  Thank you for delivering my mother safely at the start of her Christmas break with us – not just on time, but actually a little early.  We had excellent service again from the Special Assistance department, which makes her journey stress free.

Happy Friday one and all!


10 thoughts on “Friday letters – the bird of prey edition

  1. The words Luton Airport” always make me think of the song.

  2. Enjoy your holiday and the precious time with your mom. 🙂

  3. I love watching birds of prey, red kites are so beautiful, as are buzzards which we sometimes see here. Have a good break Elaine!
    Jude xxx

  4. Holidays, nature and gifts…all wonderful! Have a lovely break with your mother Elaine.

  5. There’s always one present that has you ‘sweating’ till the last minute, isn’t there? Mine just arrived 🙂 And yes, the Special Assistance usually works well. Happy times to you and Mam 🙂

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