I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the first 2015 edition


Dear Christmas,  You were good, and I enjoyed all the festivities, but I am not sorry that all the decorations and Christmassy things are packed away for another year.

Dear parent of small child in cafe,  If you are going to bring your young son into a cafe then you really should be keeping an eye on him – not sitting with your back to him while he swings around on tall bar chairs by the window to amuse himself and generally irritate the customers.  Taking your eyes off your book and glancing round every now and then to look at him is not sufficiently vigilant.

Dear parents of school children,  Please, please, please write their names inside ALL of their school clothes – you would not believe how much Lost Property can build up in the course of one term!  Yes, your child might know what its coat/sweatshirt/PE shorts/woolly hat/lunch box looks like, but if he/she leaves it lying around and there is no name on it, then how can it be returned?  It is a thankless task to try and marry up the belongings with the owners.

Dear oven gloves,  Do you deliberately design yourselves so that the part of my arm just above my wrist can make contact with the oven shelf?  Yes, I thought as much.  I have another burn.

Dear blog scheduling, What a fantastic service you provide, allowing me to publish a post when, in fact, I am up a mountain in France, visiting friends, and can’t guarantee that I will have an internet connection.

I hope to be enjoying a view similar to this. photo credit: telegraph.co.uk

I hope to be enjoying a view similar to this.
photo credit: telegraph.co.uk

Happy Friday one and all!


19 thoughts on “Friday letters – the first 2015 edition

  1. I was sad when I took my Christmas decorations down – my living room looks all bare now!

    Up a mountain in France? Lucky you! Hope you’re enjoying yourself.

  2. Enjoy your mountain top experience, Elaine. I think they should make oven gloves as long as rose gloves, i.e. like old fashioned gauntlets. 🙂

  3. Hope you enjoy your holiday! I too hate annoying children – and their parents even more 🙂

  4. I think you CAN get gauntlet type oven gloves. I just all gloves too bulky and prefer the things that join together. Doesn’t prevent me getting burned though 😦

  5. Tory Boy once lost a jumper – MARKED, I might add, with his name – in Year 3 that was returned to him in Year 6.

  6. I’m always burnt too! The cooker or the iron 😦 So that’s why you missed 6WS 🙂 Have fun!

  7. Mountain top experiences are the best! Ouch regards the burnt arm.

    If I were to add to your Friday letters mine would address the school children themselves: Please write your name on your papers. If you can’t tell later who owns them, how do you expect me to know? 😉

  8. Blog scheduling – oh yes. When it works. I had an epic fail whilst in Prague last weekend!

  9. I can’t wait to see the mountain in France photos. I often schedule posts, it’s very handy. As for naming clothing, do you find that once a garment is lost, it belongs to no-one. Even when it has been left in the classroom and has to belong to someone in that class, and even when you are certain you know who the owner is, they will all be insistent that it is not theirs.

    • I find exactly the same problem with lost garments – a cloakroom normally has several unnamed, unclaimed items. Have you noticed that some children have an interesting way of working out the owner of an unnamed shirt or sweatshirt? They smell it! It seems to work quite well. 🙂

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