I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the New Orleans trip edition


Dear New Orleans (or N’Awlinns, if I want to sound more authentic),  What a fascinating place you are – so much to see, to do and to hear.

Dear Virgin Atlantic,  I appreciate you getting us home in a shorter time than scheduled on Thursday morning, but it meant I missed the end of the film I was watching which was a bit annoying.

Dear waistline,  It’s going to take a few weeks to get you back to where you were before the trip.  There was so much tasty food available that I had no hope really.

Dear U.S Treasury,  Please would you consider making your different denominations of dollar bills look less like each other.  There were a few times last week where I used a $5 or a $20 instead of a $1.

Dear life,  It’s time to get back to normal now after my two trips this month – France and America.  Time to work, get on with household chores, wash the car etc etc.  I know what I would rather be doing though!  🙂

band in Jackson Square, New Orleans

Fantastic band playing by Jackson Square, in the French Quarter.


Have a good Friday!


17 thoughts on “Friday letters – the New Orleans trip edition

  1. Ah, yes, back to normal with a bump! And within days the trips all seem like a dream. I’m with you re: US notes – how crazy is it to have them all the same colour? And I am always missing the ends of films 😦

  2. I loved that there was music everywhere in Nawlinns 🙂 I was there for Jazz Fest – purely by chance! – which was fantastic! Hope reality doesn’t bite too hard 😉

  3. Oh yes, New Orleans is a really vibrant place. I so agree with you about the US notes. It’s very frustrating having to sort through them every time. I use my debit card whenever possible. 🙂 Shame about missing the end of the film. What did you watch?

  4. Welcome home, Elaine… sounds like you had a good time in N’Awlinns. I know what you mean about the currency, though!

  5. Well, I always say I’m back to work to pay for the next holiday. I’m sure you will be planning another adventure soon.

  6. Fabulous! What an original idea for a break.

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