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Friday letters – the snowfall edition


Dear Snow,  I am not over impressed with your efforts here in my corner of the south east of England.  I looked out of the window the other morning to see a blanket of white – I got quite excited until I realised it was only about half a centimetre thick.  Please try harder (although only falling in the park and gardens would be preferable so that the roads remain clear and people can get to work).

Dear Tax Office,  How quaint that you still refer to yourselves by Mr/Mrs/Ms when sending letters and dealing with phonecalls.  I asked for the name of the helpful person I had been dealing with on the phone, and she gave it as Mrs *******.  In this modern day of using first names when dealing with dentists, doctors, shop assistants, coffee shop baristas, cold calling telephone salespeople etc, it is quite a blast from the past – a long forgotten courtesy.

Dear facecream manufacturers,  Please can you stop changing the formula of things to make them ‘new and improved’.  I have been buying the same one for years because it suits my skin – I don’t want it new and improved!

Dear sweet manufacturers,  Do you deliberately put your sweets in the loudest possible packaging, so that people in the cinema who have bought them disturb the dramatic moments with loud rustling?  Would it not be possible to develop some kind of silent bag to prevent this problem??

Dear Jigsaw,  You are a tough one!  You’ve been on the go since the end of December and are not even half finished yet (I know I’ve been away for a while, so not much was done for nearly two weeks). Last night I added about 12 pieces, in over an hour.  It’s going to be quite an accomplishment when it is finished.  I might add that the progress so far is not all my own work.

This was the state of play at the end of December, with the edges and part of the top right hand corner completed –

Van Gogh jigsaw

and here is the progress after several weeks  –

Van Gogh jigsaw progress

Happy Friday!



11 thoughts on “Friday letters – the snowfall edition

  1. Before you send the letters, would you mind adding my signature to them? No use me writing the same thing to the same folks. 🙂

  2. Oh what patience is needed to do jigsaws! I can just about manage the kids’ 24-piece ones. 🙂 I so agree about the “new and improved.” It never is better, only more expensive. Enjoy your weekend, Mrs. ?. 😀

  3. You should frame the damn thing when you’re done 🙂 In Germany, everyone is called Herr/Frau … – it takes some getting used to! Even in supermarkets, they don’t have ‘Hans’ or ‘Helga’ on their name tags, but Herr/Frau something!

  4. Elaine, I think you have some great ideas here. Firstly, getting the snow to fall only in certain places…you need to invent snow that can follow directions. And your silent bag invention is an absolute winner. Just please remember who your friends are when you make your fortune!

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