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weekly photo challenge: scale


Picture of JFK made up of small pictures of Jackie Onassis

Picture of JFK composed of photos of his wife

Jackie O wall photo

Picture of Jackie Onassis made up of small pictures of JFK

Pictures from an exhibition in the 6th Floor Museum, Dallas.  Each pixel of each picture is a small photo.

Jackie O pixels

Unfortunately this is rather blurred but it gives the idea of each pixel being an identical photo with slightly different exposure.

Weekly Photo Challenge.


10 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: scale

  1. So are they all the same photo but in different shades? I wonder if a computer is used to compose the bigger picture. Good and unusual entry for the challenge.

  2. Very clever. Each picture is a pixel. Mind blown. They must be quite gigantic images too – that man there looks quite small compared to them on the wall!

  3. I’ve read about these before. Some people are very clever. They look amazing.

  4. Wow, that’s clever.
    I saw on BBC TV in November that for the UK November memorial for fallen soldiers they made a giant portrait of one soldier from thousands of photos of soldiers lost in the war… it was really moving and amazingly cleverly put together.

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