I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – mid February edition


Dear roadworks, What is taking you so long???  Perhaps if you had more people on the job, and they worked longer hours at a faster pace, things might get finished more quickly and we would be able to negotiate the local roads without so much inconvenience.

Dear daffodils and crocuses,  It’s nice to see that you have started shooting out of the ground and plant pots – another sign that Spring is on the way.

Dear Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs,  Please would your departments start communicating with each other so that I can stop receiving letters regarding matters that have already been dealt with.

Dear birds,  I am enjoying listening to the increased singing and tweeting that February seems to have brought.  In particular, the one that sings in the tree just by the school gate is very tuneful.

Dear London, You look marvellous at night time.

Houses of Parliament at night

Happy Friday!



13 thoughts on “Friday letters – mid February edition

  1. My friend opened her letter box here to find around 10 different documents from the tax office – all posted separately! What a waste of money! I guess it’s not just England 😉

  2. Are these letters a Challenge? Or are they something you are writing each Friday on your own? It’s a cute idea. 🙂

  3. Fabulous night shot, Elaine. There are a few Friday letters I could write too. 😕

  4. Beautiful photo of London Elaine.

  5. Wow, they do this in cities other than mine too!!! I thought it was a Dutch speciality! LOL
    You can barely go two streets without hitting some new roadwork project here and if you have medical appointments like I do then sometimes we have to allow 50 minutes for a journey time that should be 20 minutes just to allow for all the detours we need make for roadworks and road closures.
    I feel your pain and you have my sympathy.

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