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weekly photo challenge: symmetry in Paris


Champ de Mars

The Champ de Mars in Paris, seen from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Weekly Photo Challenge.


6 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: symmetry in Paris

  1. I was just as impressed (and maybe even more impressed) with this view from Tour Eiffel, than the views of the surrounding Paris skyline.
    The very first time I went to Paris I of course knew all about the Tour but was completely unaware that this wonderful patch of green in the shape of the Champ de Mars existed so it was a surprise and delight to see it for the first time.

    I too adore the symmetry and proportions of it too, it’s pleasing to the eye, and words like “gentle, graceful, peaceful, restful” spring to mind.
    Other people must also think this because it’s a well used space, especially during the Parisian lunchtime… from the Tour you will see many people below as tiny dots, enjoying the sunshine or a picnic lunch on the grass.

    It’s wonderful to see such a beautiful green space in the centre of such a big city, it’s a gem that should be kept for future generation to enjoy too.

  2. Cool shot! Now if only you could have picked up those buses and rearranged them…. 😉

  3. Fabulous shot, Elaine, I definitely need to go up that tower again one day. 🙂

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