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…but now I'm not so sure

Bicycles in New Orleans


Using a bicycle is a popular way to get around in New Orleans, especially in the French Quarter, and along by the river.  Everywhere we looked there were bicycles propped up against railings …

bike 1Bus stops …

bike 2Street names signs …

bike 3

bike 4Usually the bikes were parked individually, but occasionally they had a friend for company…

bike 5We saw them parked on the river side, near to the paddle steamer …

bike 6One was even waiting while its owner was in the Casino …

bike 7The bikes tended to be on the plain side, but this one’s owner had tried to add a bit of decoration …

bike 8… in the shape of a rather random selection of flowers and creatures.

bike 9


6 thoughts on “Bicycles in New Orleans

  1. I liked the one with the flowers and creature. It looked like a dragon or something. Probably a “something”. lol

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