I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the final February edition


Dear M74, M6 and M1 motorways,  Thank you for being trouble free on Wednesday and allowing me to have what was possibly my quickest journey home from Scotland.  Shame about the rain for the first part of it, but I suppose I can’t have everything.

Dear daffodils,  You seem to be struggling a bit this year in the flower tubs – come on, get a move on – I’m eagerly looking forward to you blooming.

Dear work,  We are half way through the school year already – how did that happen?  There is still so much to cover in the rest of the year – I don’t know if we are going to manage it!  Having the school roof, windows and heating replaced at the same time isn’t helping to keep concentration levels at their highest.

Dear sunshine,  It really is leaving it a bit late to decide to try and shine as dusk is arriving.  We could have done with you being in evidence earlier in the day!

Dear Jigsaw,  At last, you are complete!  Ta da!  Now that you are finished I can look back and think it was worth the challenge, but while you were under construction I wasn’t always very positive.


Have a good Friday.


17 thoughts on “Friday letters – the final February edition

  1. I like the jigsaw letter. A real accomplishment to complete it. Now you can put it back in the box and get it out a year later and struggle again. 🙂

  2. Love the jigsaw. I can imagine sitting at one of those tables and eating pizza and drinking red wine, it reminds me of southern Italy. And aren’t you being a little bit impatient? I always expect daffs in March, but then I suppose you do live in the south and everything happens there first…

    • The painting is one of my favourites – yes, I can imagine myself sitting there too. 🙂
      I was sure that this time last year my daffs were out (in the tub) and checked back in my photos – on 26th Feb last year I had a tub of fully blooming little daffs. Maybe last year they were just very advanced. 🙂

      • Last year was unusual because the winter was so wet! I thought the bulbs would be less prolific due to that, but the flowers were amazing last spring and summer. My hellebore is flowering now, but later than usual. I think most bulbs like a cold spell to force them into action and we haven’t had many of them this winter.

        • Isn’t nature marvellous – and always keeps us guessing! 🙂 You’ve reminded me that I used to have a hellebore, in fact I had two – a Christmas Rose and a Lenten one. I wonder what happened to them, I haven’t seen either of them for a couple of years.

  3. Such a lovely, satisfying feeling when you put the last piece of the jigsaw into place. I always have to leave it out for a few days so I can admire my handiwork 🙂

  4. Beautiful jigsaw, Elaine. Well done! What happens to it now? 😳

  5. I am full of admiration for anyone who can complete a jigsaw puzzle. They are not my thing at all, so I’m extremely impressed by your efforts Elaine.

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