I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

cough, cough, cough



It is a little better than it was but I could do with it going now, my voice coming back and my energy levels returning to somewhere near normal.

chickenmakeawishHope you have a good Saturday.

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22 thoughts on “cough, cough, cough

  1. I’ve had this cough too, and it lasted about two months or so. I’m just about rid of it now. Damn thing!

  2. Cough BEGONE!! Hope you’re soon better. xx

  3. May the cough go, go, go!

    Six Owlish Words

  4. That’s a miserable feeling, Elaine! Change of climate after your New Orleans trip? Doesn’t matter where you got it, it’s getting rid of it that counts. Sending positive thoughts (and a hug) 🙂

  5. This was one evil germ. I had it all January and a bit longer. Maybe a good multivitamin or Floradix tonic will bring back some oomph. But yes I, like Jo, send you some get-up-and-go thoughts.

  6. Feel better soon! I had the yuckiness for several weeks myself, no fun!

  7. Well that’s one way to get a whole cake to yourself!

  8. wow…get really well soon!

  9. Oh shucks, get better quick!

  10. What a cute cartoon to go with your SWS. Blame the weather. We blame it for everything else.

  11. Funny cartoon, much better than having a cough.

  12. Hope you’re feeling much better soon Elaine!

  13. Hope you feel better soon, Elaine. Get well. Changing seasons does bring around the cold and flu more often. I love the comic you shared, it made me chuckle on a Sunday night 🙂

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