I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the solar eclipse edition


Dear solar eclipse,  What a shame we had solid cloud cover this morning and not even the slightest suggestion of you was visible.  It did go quite gloomy at the time when it would have been the greatest coverage, and the birds went very quiet, but that was all.  Luckily the TV coverage meant I could enjoy seeing what other parts of the UK were seeing.  The sun is now, of course, shining brightly when the last chance of seeing anything has passed!

Dear cherry blossom,  It’s nice to see you starting to appear on the trees now, especially the beautiful dark pink just across from our house.

Dear cough,  Goodbye – I am not sorry that you are finally leaving.

Dear bottom of the ironing basket,  I haven’t seen you for a while! After a couple of long ironing sessions, there you are! I suppose it won’t be long before you disappear again.

Dear daffodils,  I am really enjoying the fact that you are all out in full force now.

daffodil heads

Have a good Friday.


12 thoughts on “Friday letters – the solar eclipse edition

  1. No cloud cover here but it wasn’t all that dramatic. Maybe you have to have those glasses to see anything? Just slightly darker at the back of the house like twilight. Also glad to see the daffs around (but what happened to crocuses this year?) And looking forward to blossom. Have a great weekend Elaine 😀

    • I think the cloud was so dense here that there was no chance at all of seeing anything, and it was so annoying that from about 11am we had clear, cloudless blue skies for the rest of the day! My crocuses have been good this year, but this was their first year, so perhaps they were making a big effort.

  2. That was pretty much my interpretation of the eclipse too, Elaine. Why didn’t I think to put the TV on? Doh! I was running up and down stairs, looking out of windows and dodging the rain. Lovely and bright now… of course 🙂

  3. The Germans were all walking around with solarium goggles on 🙂 I was down a bunker at the time and missed it too!

  4. Melissa said it was a bit disappointing in Manchester. She expected it to be much darker. How exciting to see the cherry trees starting to bloom. Can we have some photos please?

  5. Gorgeous daffodils! So happy to hear that your cough is on its way out. Well done on the ironing marathon. 🙂

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