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Bench Series: March – a wooden station bench


Horsted Keynes station

A slightly blurry photo, taken through a train window, of a wooden bench on the platform at Horsted Keynes station on the Bluebell Railway in Sussex.  The station is used as Downton Station for the TV series Downton Abbey.

More benches at Kingscote station on the same line –

wooden station bench

This post is linking up with Heyjude’s Bench Series – for March the subject is wooden benches.


6 thoughts on “Bench Series: March – a wooden station bench

  1. Very timeless photos, Elaine, and in a good way.
    The railway stations around here are nothing like that.

    • Our local railway station is nothing like that either – it is a busy station with goods trains, express trains and passenger trains passiing through to the constant accompaniment of a public address system! The Bluebell Railway is very tranquil in comparison. 🙂

  2. I have been on that line with two of my grandchildren – must be ten years ago! We love going on the old lines with the steam trains and the fifties style stations. Why? Must be nostalgia and there is something very soothing about the clickety-clack noise of those trains that you don’t get with the diesel engines 🙂 (I have a station bench in mind for a future topic)

  3. I love Downton Abbey and was pleased to hear there will be a sixth season.

    What a gorgeous station, very old fashioned looking.

  4. I love the proper ‘old style’ stations 🙂

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