I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters: the Easter cakes edition


Dear Mr Kipling,  I was very excited earlier this week to spot that you have produced some special Lemon Fancies to wish us all a Hoppy Easter (following on from the success of your orange Fiendish Fancies for Hallowe’en and your white Frosty Fancies for Christmas).  I was just admiring them when a box jumped into my basket.  Of course, I was too polite to ask it to leave, so I had to bring it home.  I may even have to eat the contents …

Lemon Fancies

Dear Great Tit,  Your call was very loud and persitent yesterday morning, and I was very tempted to go out into the garden and shoo you away, but I remembered how nice it is to hear birdsong now that spring is here, so I left you alone.  Perhaps you could sit on a tree slightly further away from my house next time?

Dear hairdresser,  I am looking forward to a long overdue visit to you tomorrow.

Dear pile of books by my bed,  Ooops – you seem to have grown higher again.  I blame the people who keep recommending books to me, or passing on books which they say I will enjoy.  We have a two week break from school coming up soon, so hopefully I’ll get a bit more reading done and reduce your numbers a bit.

Dear optician,  How can you use the word ‘express’ in your name yet take three weeks (or possibly more because that is only a projected time) to produce a pair of glasses?  When I had my eye test and ordered new glasses I was quoted 7 – 10 days for them to be ready.  I must say I was a bit surprised, and disappointed, at how long they were going to take but accepted the situation.  Yesterday, having heard nothing,  I phoned and was told that you hope they will be ready on Monday, which will be 21 days.  Twenty one days!  When I pointed out that I had been told 7 – 10 days,  the member of staff seemed puzzled that I should have been told such a short period for this type of glasses (there’s nothing special about them as far as I know!).  This will be the last time that I use your company.

Dear innocent drinks,  It was lovely to receive a hand-written note from you yesterday, thanking me (and my mum and daughter) for knitting so many little hats for your Big Knit campaign.

Have a good Friday everyone.


16 thoughts on “Friday letters: the Easter cakes edition

  1. My sister may have worked for that company! (I think there are 2 with Express in the name). Let’s just say there’s a reason she left…

    Mmm… Mr Kipling!

  2. I love your letters. 🙂

  3. Going home for the weekend – must tell my mam to get some Mr Kipling in! I saw the ‘great tit’ bit going in a different direction, but yours was fine too 🙂

  4. Everything seems to take longer these days, and there’s nothing we can do to speed things up. Very frustrating indeed. 😦 Those Easter cakes look a bit too sweet for me, and I think they should be either egg or bunny shaped, It’s amazing how certain items just hop off the shelf, isn’t it? 🙂

    • Yes, the cakes are quite sweet, but they are also quite small, so are not too sickly (unless I were to try and eat a whole box!). I still associate them with being a great treat, because they were when I was a child. 🙂 Some foodstuffs are very naughty, jumping off the shelves like that.

  5. Those fancies definitely have a fixation with you – or should that be you with them 😉

  6. Those lemon fancies do look tasty and I can fully understand why you didn’t ask them to leave. What books are you reading at the moment?

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