I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the Good Friday edition


Dear mirrors,  I approach you as, in my mind, a young woman with glowing, line-free skin, not a grey hair in sight, and am presented with someone who just doesn’t look like that in the slightest!  It is a daily disappointment – I’m not sure I like you very much!

Dear April 1st,  I had good fun, playing a few tricks on the children at school.

Dear children,  Always read all the instructions on work you are given – particularly when it is April 1st!

Dear people,  Please can you sort yourselves out.  How hard is it to drop the chocolate bar wrapper into the bin that you are just passing rather than drop it on the ground?  How hard is it to hold the door open for 2 more seconds as you go through it so that someone else can get it before it swings shut in their face?  Why do you think it is acceptable to park across my driveway?  Why do some of you not seem to know of the existence of Kleenex? It makes your runny nose much less annoying for the rest of us.

Dear readers,  Oops, I seem to have been a bit grumpy in that last letter, sorry. I hope everyone has a good Easter weekend, and that the weather is kind to us all.


Hope you have a good Friday, whatever you may be doing.


18 thoughts on “Friday letters – the Good Friday edition

  1. Quite funny, Elaine 🙂 We had a ‘girls night’ last night and we had exactly that conversation about mirrors.

  2. I’ve decided to embrace my mirror cos in thirty years time, with hindsight, I’d say that I was a young woman at the age of 46. I completely agree with you on the lack of civility these days. Here in the village, the latest thing is to scoop up the dog poo in the black bag, then chuck the black bag back on the pavement. Sigh. I hope that the Eater bunny brings you lots of chocolate to sweeten your soul.

  3. I have mirrors like that in my house. They should be banned! I think I would like to do what Snoopy is doing – chilling out on a BIG Easter egg 👿

  4. My boss sent everyone on his staff saying he had won $10000 in a competition and wouldn’t be coming to work on 1st April.

  5. Amen to the letter to the mirror – I have the same conversation with mine on a regular basis! Not to mention editing videos of myself – another hard lesson in what I really look like!!

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