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books I have read recently



It might not sound like much, but the pile of books by my bed has just been reduced by two!  It is quite an achievement and, not only have I managed to complete two books recently, I haven’t bought any new ones.  I am feeling very pleased with myself.

The first book I finished was Dominion by C J Sansom.  I had tried to read it about a year ago, but didn’t get beyond the first chapter, but this time I was determined because it had been recommended to me by at least two people so I thought it must be worth it.  The story is set in the early 1950s in a Britain that surrendered to Germany in 1940, after Dunkirk.  For me there were two main threads to the book – the political one which affects how Britain is run, and what is happening in the rest of Europe, and the story of a civil servant who becomes a spy for the Resistance and is tasked with a mission to rescue an old friend who is imprisoned in a mental hospital and has a secret which the government, and the Americans, were keen to get their hands on.  I found myself much less interested in the political side of things and, in fact, sometimes found them quite confusing, so I skimmed them sometimes so that I could concentrate on the ‘real’ adventure.  I thought it was a good read, but probably not one of my favourites.

The second book was another thriller The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, which I found a bit of a page turner.  Rachel, the girl of the title, travels on the same train into London every day and observes the lives of the people in the houses she passes.  She interprets what is going on in her own very imaginative way, but before long real life events take over and she becomes very involved in those lives.  The story is narrated by Rachel, but also by two other women and each gives their own side of the same story.  There are quite a few suprises as you go along, and red herrings too, so I found I was always re-thinking ‘who done it?’.

snoopywritingbookHope you have a good Saturday.

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24 thoughts on “books I have read recently

  1. Quite an achievement. Even more impressive; ” I haven’t bought any new ones…” This is always my downfall.

  2. The Girl on the Train – wow! I also read it last week and couldn’t put it down.

  3. I’ve heard The Girl on the Train recommended too, but not ‘t other. Algarve tends to be my reading time but I am just finishing The Winter Garden by Jane Thynne which is WW2 related. I’ve enjoyed it.
    Love that Snoop! 🙂 Happy weekend, even though it’s turned cooler.

  4. I’ll have to see if our library has these two books! Have a grand day!

  5. Well done, Elaine. I have started a couple of books on my Kindle, but really need to get down to finishing them. ‘The girl on the train’ sounds quite intriguing.

  6. Both books sound interesting, but especially the second one. I am happy to download books for free on my Nook. Otherwise there would be even more piles then there already are.☺

  7. I have a Kindle, and it has quite a lot of books on it too, waiting for me to read them. At least they don’t take up so much room in the house!

  8. Congratulations on finishing two books. The Girl On the Train sounds most interesting to me. Just my kind of book, I think! I don’t think I’d be interested in the second. The buying of books is an addiction I inderstand all too well. It’s good for me to live abroad because I can’t easily buy English books. I have so many at home already that I couldn’t read them in a lifetime. I love to browse in bookstores and always come away with something. I just love the feel of a book in my hand, and the lives contained in the pages. 😊

    • You have described exactly how I feel about books too. An electronic book, while definitely a space saver, just can’t replace the feel of a real one. 🙂 I am having to be amazingly strict with myself at the moment to stay away from situations where I might be tempted to buy another book!

  9. I love, love reading! I carry around a basket with my book, my bible and my current crochet project. All this goes EVERYWHERE with me! You never know when you’ll have a few minutes to read!

  10. I think you’re about the fourth blogger who’s recently read The Girl on the Train! It’s on my list but I can’t buy any more books til after the move.

  11. The Girl on the Train sounds fascinating. I must look it up on Kindle.

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