I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the mid April edition


Dear Scotland,  I had a good visit, and it was great to see my mum, sister and nephews.  My mum certainly enjoyed the company, and was able to get and about much more because I was there to take her.  I could complain about the weather, as we shivered in temperatures of 10 degrees C and watched the rain fall on several days, while the people at home enjoyed sunny skies and 25 degrees, but I won’t.

Dear motorways,  Once again I would like to thank you for being trouble free most of the way home.  It all went well until the last leg when the M1 was shut, but a quick exit several junctions before the problem, and a ‘scenic view’ route for the rest of the journey, meant that we really didn’t lose much time at all.

Dear driver of the black car in front of me at the payment barrier on the M6 Toll road yesterday,  You really need to understand that most people choose to use the Toll road because it speeds up their journey, and they do not want to be held up by you. First of all we had you moving from left to right and back again as you approached the barriers deciding which line you were going to join, then when you got to the front of the line at the payment machine you decided this would be the right time to reach over into the back of the car for your handbag and look in it for your credit card. If you knew you were going to use the Toll road, would it not have been a good idea to have the things you needed close to hand? That was all irritating enough but then, while you were paying, you were talking on your phone which of course distracted you a bit from putting your seatbelt back on when you were finished (which you had had to remove because you hadn’t pulled over close enough to the payment machine and couldn’t quite reach the slot to put your card in!) and then, of course,  your card had to go back into your bag. Aaarrghh…

Dear fields of oilseed rape,  You are going to look marvellous in a week or so, as your flowers come out more and turn the countryside yellow.

Happy Friday!


12 thoughts on “Friday letters – the mid April edition

  1. No, don’t complain about rain in Scotland… you’ll be here all year 😉
    Happy Friday!

  2. I really loathe being stuck in a queue behind a disorganised person. Have to bite my tongue. 😕 So lovely that you could visit your family and especially your mom. Have a great weekend. 🙂

  3. That woman took so long, you probably had time to get out of your car, slap her and walk back again, and still be faster 😉

  4. Elaine you need to tell your toll operators about the wonderful system we have here. You either purchase a tag which you attach to your car which registers as you go through the toll booth and pays out of your account automatically, or the camera at the toll booth senses the registration number of your car and then charges your account which you can set to top up automatically. No need to pay at the toll point and it’s just done for you…works every time and not waiting!

    • I did notice some of those tag lanes, so perhaps it is worth investigating with the frequency that I now seem to be using the toll. I think that would definitely have solved my problem – or maybe I should suggest that the owner of the black car could have a tag and then she wouldn’t even need to break off from her phone call to go through the toll. 🙂

  5. I just seen your book list and also keep a list of what I read in a year! I see you’ve read The Expats by Chris Pavone – I’m reading that at the moment – cannot put it down!

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