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Friday letters – the Saturday edition




Dear robin,  I am so sorry that we had to dismantle your partially built nest on Wednesday.  When I saw you fly into the hole in the door of the shed, carrying a twig in your mouth, I had mixed feelings.  I was very excited at the thought of having robins nesting so near to the house, but I was disappointed because the shed is being demolished next week.  I cleared your carefully arranged pile of twigs and leaves and we blocked up the hole in the door.  On Thursday, when we were clearing the shed, you took the opportunity to fly in through the open door, twig in beak, to begin the building again.  You looked a little downhearted when I met you in the shed and explained the situation.  I hope you find somewhere else suitable.  I’m happy to see that you were in the garden this morning looking for more nesting materials so I think perhaps you haven’t held the shed eviction against me.

Dear garden shed,  I won’t really be sorry to see you go – you have been a bit of an eyesore in the garden for years.  I’m looking forward to getting a new one which will be cobweb free (at least for a little while) and watertight.

Dear goldfinches,  Where have you been?  I was very excited to see you back at the bird feeder this week, and looking around in the garden for nesting materials.

Dear tree blossom,  You are looking more splendid this year than I can remember for many years.  I have heard it is down to lack of rain, wind and frost but, whatever it is, the results are spectacular. Everywhere I go I see beautiful blossom – I hope the rain and the wind stay away for a bit longer.

white blossom

This white blossom caught my eye as I was going to work this week.


Hope you have a good Saturday.

This post is for Six Word Saturday.  Visit Cate’s blog  Show My Face for more sets of six words.


35 thoughts on “Friday letters – the Saturday edition

  1. Love the Letters-To-The-Neighbors approach. Salute!

  2. What a delightful post. How about putting a few nest boxes round the eaves of the new shed? Make sure the entry holes are small enough (1.5 to 2 inches) to keep predators ut. Jock made nestboxes at our old house, from the boxes the roofing nails came in, and they were most successful, specially the one by the dormer winder to my office, so I could listen to the tweeting of the chicks.

    • I like your idea! I’ve often thought of a nesting box, but have never been sure where to put one, but this could be a good solution. We have sparrows nesting in the eaves of the house, just above our bedroom window. I think there must be several families because the tweeting and chirping can sometimes be very loud!

  3. What are you talking about? I’m running out of years!!! 😉

    6 Words on Light and Shadow

  4. Our Amelanchier was just beginning to flower when we went away and we feared we’d missed it, but it’s still going strong, and the blossom’s looking great. Good old Spring! (till the rain arrived this morning) 😦

  5. These letters are a fab idea.. loved them! c

  6. Beautiful photo, but I am missing Snoopy this week. 😉

  7. Love the letters. Fantastic recognition and being in the moment of surroundings. Clear usage of six words as well. 🙂

  8. Ah, Elaine, what’s a day?
    That robin must really like your garden though!

  9. My husband doesn’t like it when the birds build nests on the porch in the wreath of flowers because they make a mess…but I thrill at the sight of robin’s eggs! Spring is such a wonderful time! Your tree is so prett!!!

  10. Hahaha love the late edition! And the blossom is fantastic this year! Everything has gone whoosh over the last few weeks. I do hope the sunny weather continues, even though some of my plants look a bit dead as they have dried out whilst I was away. Sorry plants 😦

  11. I haven’t seen your Friday Letters before. What a wonderful idea! Perhaps I’ll steal it. 🙂

  12. I love the thought of having a robin nesting nearby. How delightful it would be when the little ones hatch. I hope the new nest isn’t too far away.

  13. The blossoms are beautiful.

  14. How wonderful to write letters like this!
    I hope Robin finds a new nesting spot 🙂

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