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weekly photo challenge: motion


This week the subject is motion and the Red Arrows show us motion in the extreme!  Last summer, when I was in Fowey in Cornwall,  I saw one of their displays, which centred over the harbour and river estuary.  The display was stunning, but unfortunately it was a quite a dull afternoon, and the light was very poor.  Some of my photos were pictures of clouds – the jets having passed over before I had depressed the shutter button on my camera!

The first two photos amuse me because the seagulls are in there too, putting on a display of their own.  I thought the jets would have frightened them off.

red arrows and gulls display

5 red arrowsIn this third picture you can see just how low the planes were over the water.  We had a marvellous vantage point and sometimes I felt as though they were flying straight at me.red arrows over Fowey estuary

Weekly Photo Challenge




14 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: motion

  1. You have to love the red arrows. some nice shots considering the conditions.

  2. Wow, great shots! And brave birdies 🙂

  3. You need to be fast to capture them! Love the first image – well done 🙂

  4. Well, the pictures you did get are great. Nice job.

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