I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the mid-May edition


Dear Five Photos, Five Stories challenge,  You were fun, and I enjoyed trawling through my photo folders.

Dear Luton Airport Parking, I think £2.50 is a bit steep to park for 15 minutes in the Drop Off and Pick Up area. 

Dear Weather Gods, What are you thinking?  On Wednesday it was warm and sunny – jackets and cardigans were not required – and then yesterday it was miserable, wet and cold.  Today could go either way, but at least it is starting with some sunshine.  Please stop giving us these tempting glimpses of summer because it is quite disheartening to go back to the chilly wet stuff.

Dear International Days,  Who decides what is going to be assigned to each day?  Is there some world-wide department which meets in December each year and plans it all out, thinking of 365 (or 366) totally random things that we can focus on each day?  This week we had International Hummus Day, and last week there was an International No Socks Day.  What?  I can understand International Dolphin Awareness Day, or International No-Smoking Day, which will raise people’s understanding/knowledge/perception of something which could make a big difference, but surely Hummus doesn’t need its profile to be enhanced?

Dear neighbour’s clematis,  A few shoots started peeping over the top of our fence last year, but this year you are clearly making a bid for freedom from your own garden.  Not that I am complaining actually, because your pink flowers cascading over the fence look very pretty. pink clematisHave a good Friday everyone.


10 thoughts on “Friday letters – the mid-May edition

  1. Dear International Day Assignment commitee – you make such a mockery of things but hummus is really funny –
    Dear Elaine – thank you for these Friday letters – nice end to the week reading them

  2. Hummus is very tasty though 😉

  3. Thanks again for the Friday smiles. 🙂

  4. Happy Friday Elaine – I love your round-up of the week. And I am so glad you enjoyed the challenge. Luton can join Birmingham International as it too has excessive drop-off / pick-up fares. Makes me so annoyed!

  5. I wouldn’t mind either if a clematis like that was making its way over my fence. What a gorgeous colour the flowers are.

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