I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters


Dear rain soaked people of Britain, I would like to apologise for the heavy rain we had at the beginning of the week.  I had put some new plants in the garden at the weekend and hoped that a little rain would help to establish them.  I hadn’t expected quite so much of it!  Sorry.

Dear phone user on the train,  If you weren’t quite so annoying it might have been amusing.  Ten minutes out of Euston and you were still nattering on and on and on and on, without pause for breath.  Then we came to a tunnel.  Hello?  Hello?  Hello?  Contact was lost and not re-established.  I imagine the person on the other end of the call used the break to escape and rest their poor ears!

Dear Garden Centre,  I think I will be coming to visit you again this weekend – the few plants I bought last weekend look very lonely and aren’t filling the spaces as fully as I had thought they would have done.

Dear schoolboy cyclist,  You looked a bit precarious on your bike, with your mobile phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other.  That was seemed tricky enough, but you were texting!  I really don’t know how you  managed to stay on your bike.

Dear fox,  What were you looking for in my garden the other day?  Could it have been the McDonald’s McChicken Sandwich box that I had found earlier?

Here is Mr Fox – a little blurred because the photos were taken through a window, with a zoom lens.fox

fox 2Hope you have a good Friday.


16 thoughts on “Friday letters

  1. Aww, hello Mr Fox!
    Germans cycle along while doing other things all the time! Also in things like long, flowy skirts. How? I would get it caught in the chain!

  2. Lovely foxy pics, Elaine. As always, your Friday letter made me smile. 🙂 Have a great weekend. We had great weather for our visit to London. 🙂

  3. I love your Friday snippets, Elaine! Always a smile or two, and now a very handsome fox too. 🙂

  4. Surely it is as illegal to ride a bicycle whilst texting as it is a car? And of course the car driver would be at fault if the cyclist ended up under his wheel! Bank holiday weekend again – let’s hope for some sun. It has been far too chilly here this week…

  5. I was wondering about that too – are there rules governing the use of phones on a bike? If there are, they are probably ignored anyway just as the rules about cycling on the pavement are completely ignored.

  6. How cool – a fox in your garden, just like Isabel Dalhousie in the Sunday Philosophy Club books. At least he wouldn’t eat your garden produce. At the moment we are having problems with possums eating our mandarins right off the tree. They even leave the peel hanging on the tree and clean out the entire inside of the fruit. How they do it I can’t figure out.

    • It does seem lovely having a fox, but really they are a bit of a pest and eat the stuff I put out for the birds, dig up the flowers beds and leave their poopy calling cards on the grass. Your possums sound pretty bad – I think I would find them very annoying too.

      • Possums can be very noisy in the middle of the night too. Once a possum came down the chimney of the fireplace in my sister’s home and then made a dreadful mess before it went back up the chimney. She blocked the chimney up after that because she didn’t use the fireplace anyway.

        • I shouldn’t laugh about the possum down the chimney, but it made me smile. The dreadful mess would not have made me smile though. We had a big fat pigeon down the chimney once, but it couldn’t get out because the fireplace was blocked up – we could just hear the noise! We had to open the fireplace up to let it out, and it seemed quite unperturbed and just rushed towards the open doors to the garden and flew off!

          • I have to confess when my sister told me the story I laughed too, much to her dismay. She woke up in the middle of the night to find the possum sitting on her bedside table and they scared the pants off each other before the possum went crazy running around the house. He eventually went back up the chimney and she blocked it with a big cardboard box. Luckily she had just bought a new appliance and had the box handy. But she could hear the possum for the rest of the night scrabbling in the chimney. It is a funny story now, but my sister still insists she has been emotionally damaged by the whole experience.

            Funny story about your pigeon, who was damaged either!

  7. Oh, I’m so envious of your fox viewing! Would’ve loved to see him. And do dearly love your letters……Phone user on the train is much too familiar!

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