I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the first June edition


Dear June, How have we arrived here already?  Nearly half way through the year and I still haven’t got used to writing 2015 yet!

Dear weather gods,  Speaking of June, I think we are expecting something better from you.

Dear hedgehogs, I hope it is you who is visiting the feeding station I set up last week because someone is.

Dear school reports,  Thank goodness you are done with for another year.

Dear wood pigeons,  Please will you stop sitting on my chimney pot and then falling in.  Not only is the noise a bit disconcerting as you tumble down the inside, but this time your departure from the fireplace and out through the open windows will require a repainting of the ceiling!  Two pigeons down the chimney in recent years is two too many.

Wood Pigeon chimney pot

Have a good Friday.


13 thoughts on “Friday letters – the first June edition

  1. Thanks for the Friday smiles again. 😃 I had to laugh about the poor pigeons.

  2. LOL, silly wood pigeons!
    I know what you mean about June… how is the year half over already? HOW?

  3. You must have some clumsy pigeons – what an awful shock then they arrive in the fireplace – I think I’d scream the place down! We used to leave food out for the hedgehogs (cat food) at our old house, as we had a family of them at the end of the garden. I had to make sure it was a brand of cat food that our cats wouldn’t eat, though, to avoid them scoffing the lot before the hedgehogs got a look-in!

    • Luckily we had heard the pigeon coming, so to speak, as they don’t just fall straight down – I think there must be ledges on the way which they stop on, so we were prepared for it. The first pigeon was up there for a couple of days, silly thing.

  4. Might suggest that pigeons are better than bats? But then again, if a pigeon entered my dwelling, I would be just as upset as if it had been a bat, so maybe not. Do know what you mean about time flying though……perhaps we ought to find a way to hook time to the pigeons so you’d keep getting some of it back anyway.

    • I imagine the bats might actually roost in the chimney, which could be a problem, whereas the pigeons just seem to fall down – probably because they can’t fly back up. I like your idea of attaching time to a pigeon – I’ll need to give that some thought. 😀

  5. I hadn’t really thought about how quickly the first half of the year is going by!
    We had a bird problem too. Hubby covered the chimney ‘entrance’ with coarse wire mesh.

  6. It could be worse…it could have been a crazed possum!

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